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  1. hahah totally the wrong forum to get fitness advice. hahaha stoners are lazy.
    well im really out of shape and im trying to get back to my normal size. So far i've ditched my mt. dew habit, and fast food. I also started riding my bike again.

    I rode 2 miles today and i think if i smoke a joint ill pass out.

    what other things can i do to get in shape without hitting the gym?

    im off to smoke a joint, we shall see if i stay awake:smoke:
  2. You need to eat certain foods like sweetcorn etc, I heard if you go running it takes 20 minutes ? for you to start burning fat but I cant see why so long but who knows then I heard if you do sit ups after the burn you also burn more as your body is working hard already?

    Skipping rope is a good way to burn of body fat
  3. stoners are lazy, wtf? getting stoned and pumping iron is freaking awesome, and taking a few bong hits before running is the bomb! when I did karate we all smoked, we'd just save the herb until after training.
    weed and exercise go together real well!! :smoke:
  4. damn i think tommorow im gonna smoke a blunt and go ride, make it more exciting.
  5. 2 miles? Try riding one longer ride (10-20 miles) a week and at least 5 the other days if you wanna really jump start your body. Beyond cardio and shit, go to a gym and start lifting. Don't smoke before you work out, that's retarded, bud is a muscle relaxant.
  6. I guess that's true, but if I'd known that I'd had missed out on some freaking great workouts :)
  7. ya man, to really get in shape you need to lift
    think about marathan runners, most are in-shape and healthy, but they arent real attractive to look at because they have such little muscle mass

    losing fat will help shrink you, but muscle is gonna shape you

    heres a few tips:
    Lift before cardio - your body will use w/e carbs youve taken during the day as energy first b4 it starts burning fat. So you lift, burn off your carbs, then do some moderate cardio to burn off fat

    you can also do moderate cardio b4 you eat breakfast, then your glycogen levels are already low and you will burn fat (however here especially if you train hard you will be likely to get anabolic and start using muscle for fuel instead of fat, this is way i say moderate training)

    if you are just tryin to look a lil better and dont wanna spend the $ on gym memberships. sstart with sets of pushups and situps. Also lookup milk-jug workouts, you can do a few more lifts using a full milk jug as dumbbells

    likewise, muscle mass requires more energy to maintain than fat, so the more muscle the more energy your body will spend maintaining itself (more calroes burned day- to -day)

    you also want to raise your metabolism, so try eating a small meal every 3 hours

    I would never do any real lifting while high, but i do sometimes smoke a bowl and ride my bike, it just makes it more enjoyable and helps you keep pushing yourself
  8. Whenever I try to run high I always end up chasing squirrels and butterflys... So yeah, it's fun as fuck, lmao.
  9. Shangri-la diet worked amazingly for me.

    It sounds crazy but it is one of the simplest ways to lose weight, if you dont want to run or work out one day.

    Anyway all you have to do is dump a tablespoon of sugar into a bottle of water and wait for it to dissolve. Any type of sugar will do but I prefer the normal sugar you buy in the grocery store that is about eight inches tall and comes in a white package.

    Anywho, what it does is tricks your stomache into thinking you just had a very high calorie meal, when in reality you had a drink equivalent to a small lemonade. It is WAAAY easier to lose weight then running everyday, but its because you eat less and burn more calories.

    It's perfectly safe too. Just don't frink 8 of these a day, or you will fuck up your sugar intake. Anyway, it worked well for me during wrestling season, because I lost 8 pounds (went from a 183 to 175) in about two weeks and didnt feel hungry at all.
  10. find some activities that make you exercise that you also enjoy. then pursue what you enjoy :)

    also, try to eat real food -- meat, potatoes, broccoli, carrots, apples, breads (preferably not white or sweet breads) etc. not hostess and coca cola. eat till your full, but don't over eat. eat slowly, chew alot.
  11. I lost 40lbs in two you ask?

    It was a combination of hydroxycut, eating salads and grilled chicken 24/7 (which isnt that bad), and nothing but water to drink. I also had my ass on the treadmill twice a day, once in the morning and once at night for 25 minutes at a time.

    The great thing about getting back in shape isnt how I looked physically, but how I felt mentally.

    The combination of fastfood and pop was poisoning my mind, body, and soul....

    ....fuck McDonalds and the dollar menu.
  12. weed after exercise is great, but getting mad ripped and working out sucks asssssss
  13. +rep for speaking the truth
  14. Thank you!!! I'm a biig wrestling fan, and I wrestle at my university (if you didn't know yet). I've smoked before a big match and kicked ass, it helps if you ask me. The routine that I follow will have you looking like a fucking Spartan in no time. It's the Navy Seal workout.

    I don't like the whole change thing, so I just started tough and kept it.

    running - 4 miles
    pushups - 20 sets of 20
    situps - 20 sets of 25
    pullups - 5 sets of 12
    deep knee bends - 20 sets of 15

    Start easy, and work out until failure. Continue with this routine every other day until you are able to keep up with it without any problems of exhaustion.

    Edit: forgot the most important part. EAT HEALTHY! For god sakes and all that is holy, keep healthy and don't gorge yourself.

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