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Fist day of college

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jetdoctor, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Ell first off this is my first day, and i have already met so many people who smoke... This is kind of crazy if you ask me!!! =D
  2. And welcome to the world where parents are far away and most people in college either smoke or don't care.
  3. By college it's an accepted thing.. Everyone knows it's around and no one around them cares so it leads to a lot more fun :p
  4. Welcome to the good life my man enjoy the time of your life.
  5. damn dude your college has a fist day? thats got to hurt

  6. lmao.

    Make sure you check how strict your campus is with marijuana.

    My first day at college, I ended up meeting some stoners and one of them got busted at night that day, for stupidity.
  7. it's crazy that you met a lot of people who blaze at college?

    why is that crazy? :D get used to it, broski.
  8. ^Hell yeah, best thing about life yet, meeting more people that smoke.... I am sad to see that you are a state fan tho...
  9. I'm a Spartan.
  10. Cool, Im a U of M fan, but I go to a small community college. CMU V MSU tho thats gonna b crazy where I live. Lots of stoners then lol
  11. Wish my college had a fist day
  12. Enjoy it while you can. When I went to a 4 year university (after earning my AA), I discovered weed after a single quarter and toked daily until I left. Getting bud there was a joke compared to how it is now, where I have to bust my ass to find someone who will sell me a gram or two of mid.
  13. As long as you have the winged wheel in there, I don't care if you're a Spartan. In another year I'll be choosing where to attend grad school and the two best in MI for my major are MSU and UofM, so that'll be interesting to decide.
  14. I remember my first day of college, skipped all my classes with my boys and got an ounce of the best mexican brick weed you've ever smoked
  15. I came here expecting some fisting. What a let down.
  16. woooooooo college wooooooooooooooooooo college woooooooooooo college!!!!!! smoke weed every day!!!!!!! college!!!!!!!! wooooooooooo!!!!!!!! make sure to pass your classes though
  17. Thatks for all the posts guys, what i meant by first day is my 3 hour class then the rest of the day to myself, i just got a puffit vape that looks like a black inhaler, so right after class i have to take my albuterol because of my "athsma"!!! Lol!!!
  18. haha i didnt realize it said fist til i read the snarky comments

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