Fishoutofwaters Glass Thread

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  1. Im gonna keep this short. If you want more pictures go to my thread on tokecity





  2. Absolutely lovely, thanks for sharing, peace.
  3. Wow, great pieces. I love those bowls what were you using to light the illadelph is it beeline or a spool or string?
  4. Damn, beautiful!!! I would love a sheldon black bong. :smoke:
  5. very nice collection
  6. Whatever that eye thing is its SICK!!!!
  7. Great collection. The picture of the SB steamroller connected to the Toro trashcatcher literally had my jaw just hanging in mid air LOL.
  8. really unique salt piece there, can't say ive seen other stuff by him in that color
  9. you have a nice collection going on,,thanks for sharing,peace LEAR
  10. sick collection. love the colors on the froor crown bowl. love the sb bowl and the rest of the sb. sick worked beaker and krunk. +rep. thanks for sharing.
  11. yeah i was staring at each picture for about a minute lol.

    That Salt piece looks AMAZING. FUCKING AMAZING.

    Sheldon Black is the next brand i shall buy.
    On one of the SB models it said '1988' lol i dont get that
  12. Thanks for all the love everyone. Ive been collecting since november and i fell pretty hard lol. The first batch of SB's all had Est: 2010. Then they changed em to est:1988. The joints still have the 2010 on them. SB has been blowing glass since 88. The company hasnt been around for that long though
  13. that steamroller to trashcatcher looks like a really fun setup, can we see some milks of it?

    great collection btw
  14. Very nice stuff, i knew that TT looked familiar and then i saw the TC pic ha. Is that a AK slide btw in the earlier pics?

  15. ? That is a milkshot. Lol

    Yeah I'm mainly on TC, I rarely come over here but figured i'd post up some pics. And yeah thats an AK/Sarah King Chaos

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