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Fishing, please read if you like it :)

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by Weed Joker, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. well i love fishing and i wonder if anyone on this does too.

    I think it is amazing especially when stoned and are fighting to bring in a catch, i just love when you can feel the fish fighting when you are reeling in, and i think its amazing just getting to see all these creatures and other crazy fish from different countrys. haha anyway is there any one else that loves it too ? :) :smoking:
  2. I like fishing...maybe we can share some pics here. I won't be fishing for a few more months when it warms up a little.

    I do alot of hiking and camping so I usually end up fishing out of streams, but I much prefer a boat, bobber and a lake. There's nothing like kicking back in a boat in the middle of a lake getting stoned and just chillin, waitin for that bobber to bob. :)

  3. I love it man. I live in Central Florida and fish the Gulf as well as some small lakes and rivers. Nothing is better to me than being out on the boat with some joints, some tallboys, and a line in the water. I live 10 minutes away from the manatee capital of the world, so I get to see them along with many other beautiful creatures. As Ron Swanson would say, "I love fishing. It's like yoga, but I still get to kill something."
  4. nice man sounds great, there really is nothing like it. What type of fish do you get there ?

  5. The lakes and rivers around here are known for small and large mouth bass, but you can also get some catfish, pickrel, and alligator gar. I've even snagged small gators, they love spinner bait :D. The area of the Gulf I live by has a lot of mullet, but I've caught rays and even some reds as well. Snapper aren't uncommon but I don't catch nearly as much. My favourite though is just being on the lake with a scumfrog. Watching a bass hit one of those gets me pumped.
  6. i have always wanted to hook a gar, i get some good size pike and if i go to my home country(Iceland) there is a lot of good fly fishing!:D but i mean you sound like you got it good there man. I really want to try fishing in the amazon i think it would be an amazing experience
  7. I'm sure there are some crazy fish in the Amazon. I just wouldn't want to run into an anaconda
  8. ye lol have you ever seen a show called river monsters ?
  9. I have roughly 100 different species of fish at my disposal that should be able to be caught with one method of fishing or another... and that's not counting minnow species aside from Carp...

    On that note... Over the past 5-6 years I have fly fished and have completely weened conventional tackle out of my life... I still have my spinning rod and some gear... But haven't used it in a couple years now... all fish I catch are on the fly now... from trout to pike and bass, panfish, and whatever else I catch with fins
  10. nice man, i love the big kick of a pike when it hits, brilliant fight of some pike, theres nothing like the feeling of a fish on the end of your line. having a creature and being able to feel its movement its amazing man
  11. I live in kentucky, and the white bass should be running pretty soon. I love catching any kind of fish and I try to go as often as possible
  12. I would kill to have Jeremy Wade 's job. That is the dude from RM, yeah?

  13. hell yeah man i love that show, it would be the greatest career ever man. some of the fish he catches are crazy!! :eek:
  14. Meh... He don't catch no Arapaima on a fly rod...

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1f7qfW--udE]Costa Sunglasses: Large Arapaima Caught In Jungle - YouTube[/ame]
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    I LOVE FISHING! In my middle school days, I went shrimping with my pops during summer. Spent a month straight out in the waters, the only thing to do was to fish. We had a 93 foot steel shrimp boat, it allowed my pops to go far far far out. When our shrimp boat anchored in the gulf of mexico. My little bro and I pulled out our newbie fishing gear. It wasn't much, just a dozen shark hooks and random hook sizes. One Thursday afternoon, in two hours we lost all our hooks to a fish that was at least 6ft long. Not sure what kind of fish it was. I'm thinking it was cobia or cuda. But I do remember how it looked in the water. Lesson to learn here... have the right gear.
    Fast forwarding to present day. Got a fishing boat now, I plan to find out what that monster exactly is as soon as the weather warms up.
  16. Man, I love fishing..I really just got into it this year though.
    But there's a pond right up the street that I've been fishing on every sunny day :p
  17. I can't wait for Scallop Season in two months!

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