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  1. hey, everyone else is doing it so i might aswell start a grow diary too.

    im from england and have been living in spain for nearly a year now and decided id take advantage of the hot weather. i planted around 20-30 bagseeds 5 days ago and onwards (some are a few days older than others).

    im growing outside which i couldnt really do in the uk, so i was growing indoors in the uk. 20 have sprouted up to now i think, i cant remember! 1 was planted about 2 days before the rest and this 1 is around 2-3 inches tall and has a nice set of REAL leaves developing a few others are starting to develop these leaves, and others have just their 1st leaves.

    pictures will be posted soon... as soon as i get a usb for my camera

    any comments are welcome
  2. good luck... mine just sprouted 2 weeks ago... now it got 6 little leafs
  3. 6 days on and theyre growing like weeds!

    pictures soon
  4. these were taken at 6 days old

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  5. day 13

    more leaf growth now they have their 3 fingered leaves. 1 problem though, most of them are full of white dots. now i dont know what pest this is as i have never had pest problems before. ive sprayed with a garlic, cayenne and onion mixture.

    can someone tell me will this do the job?

    updated pictures will be posted soon, im having problems resizing the others, so have to take with a lower pic quality
  6. pictures at 2 weeks old

    most are in potting soil, but the one in the clay/soil from my garden seems to be doing well despite the poor medium.

    also 2 in 1 pot wasnt meant to happen! must have dropped 2 in!?!:S i will try seperate the root systems when i transplant

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  7. cheers cantgetenough
  8. Seems to be growing just fine;)
    Love the nice fat fan leaves,its how a good grow grows....later
  9. day 19

    i transplanted the largest plants yesterday into larger pots. i want them to be a bit more established before i put them into the ground so maybe around a month or so they will go into ground.

    at the moment theyre still in my garden, im planning to plant somewhere on the riverbed near to my house.
    i did have a great spot, but noticed the goat farmer takes her goats close by and thats the last thing i want goats chewing on my plants. so i have around 2 weeks to find another spot.

    pics asap
  10. three weeks in, and my parents found my plants, so i had to move them to the grow site early. (to make my life at home easier!)

    so i set off carrying 11 plants in bags to the grow site and on the way i see a guy i know. so obviously he tags along, so i place all the pots at a different site hoping to move them the next day to the real site so he doesnt know where they are. so the next day i go down to move them all again and i'm collecting the pots together and theres one missing.... sooooo i'm going to chop his theiving fingers off.

    anyway, besides that, the plants are coming on great they have three sets of seven fingered leaves, and are looking healthy despite the odd nibble from caterpillars. they're staying quite small and bushy and also the leaves are looking like indica which isnt quite what i wanted but i cant complain it was bagseed after all!

    now im having some trouble with photos. i'm trying to get the file size down and the dimensions i have pictures which are 94.5kb and are within the dimension limits but will not upload

    if anybody can help me with this then it will be much appreciated. and you can all have pictures to look at!

  11. problem solved! the pictures were taken today on day 26

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  12. day 28

    4 weeks old and i have tied 2 of my 15 plants down. the 2 that have been tied are the largest and these are growing great, the rest are coming on slowly but i know they will pick up the pace sooner or later.

    heres the pics:D

    notice on the first one the S shaped stem, this was before i even tied it down, it just started to grow like that!

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  13. looks alright for literally what on earth your growing in.
  14. that the original dirt spread over the top of the holes
  15. good idea, well i'd put mulch over just to keep moisture locked in potting soil, but earth is good for camaflauge. is that the only plant u have?
  16. i meant the only plant with pics.
  17. yes a lot of the time i visit the site and the bateries run out!
  18. im heading down there now, i'll try find some batteries and get some pics of all my plants:)
  19. pictures of all my plants.

    a few of them have been munched on i presume by catterpillars, especially the one in the 2nd pic. does the garlic spray keep them away? or does anybody know what does keep catterpillars away?

    ps it was very cloudy today hence the droopy plants and the poor light-quality pics

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