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  1. hey grass city dudes

    just got my new grow room semi-sorted and my seeds in. doing a SCRoG for the first time after reading an excellent post about it on here. Understand I only got a few grows under me belt and nothing as technical as this but heres how its gonna go down:

    Ok my room is 3.5ft by 7ft which is perfect as my SCRoG screen is 3.45ft by 3.45ft. I'm using a
    600w HPS with a standard reflector that I'm thinking of upgrading to a fan cooled type.
    For the growing I'm using 2 205 NFT systems with 2 plants in each.
    I've been using these systems for the past 3 grows now and for the most part had good results, but also shitloads of problems, most of which can be put down to my inexperience. For example as the rockwool blocks are not held by any medium your plants tend to topple over when them buds get heavy. This wont happen this time thanks to the SCRoG screen.
    Also at the later stages when the plants start taking nearly 10 litres a day!! the ph and cf levels go mental in the puny 15 litre tanks. To combat this I got an automatic top up system for each tank. Its basicaly like a toilet cystern attached to a 100 litre slim water butt. I gotta slim butt:p
    I found an annoying problem when I assembled the auto top ups. The ball cock(lol) thingy is blocked by the water pump so I have had to do a really dodgy fix by moving the pump to the opposite corner of the tank and running a piece of tube back to the outlet! messy very messy but hopefully should be fine.
    Another new piece of equipment is 2 airstones (one in each tank) attached to a well powerful airpump. cant believe i never used them before but hey.
    Got a good fan and carbon filter at the top of my room with a desktop occilating fan down low.
    As for nutrients I'm using Vitalink Plantstart, Vitalink max Veg and Bloom and Canna pk1314. I like the vitalink range cos it makes my ph's perfect so I dont have to add any acids at all. any advice or criticism on nutes will be appreciated.
    I got 5 seeds from geenhouse 3 white rhino and 2 white widow of which i put 2 of each in rockwool soaked in weak nutrient water ph 5.5. That was 4 days ago an I'm still waiting. incidently there was a strange coating on the seeds I never seen before. I read on the website its a antifungal stuff. as soon as that taproot starts to show its into the bigger blocks an then into the systems.
    thanks boys for ur help with the drillin hammerin an screwin xx

    Anyways there it is so far. check it out, poke fun at me go on:wave:

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  2. HIGH GirlGrower, Welcome to The City....poke fun at did a Good Job and you no Doubt know what your doing....can't wait to see your Little Babies.
  3. awww bless ya thanks 4 that. cant wait to show em to you. if they ever show that is. slow slow xx
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    ok my grows going great I've had my babies in the systems for nearly 3 weeks now and besides a couple of teething problems we are making good progress.
    my first problem was nothing to do with the grow as such. my housemate took loads of speed and after taking everything apart of his own, his OCDs persuaded him he needed to go into my grow room and fasten the power cord of my fan the ceiling with a zip-tie and a nail!
    The first I knew of this was when I went in and found the carbon filter had seperated from the fan at the fast clamp and landed on one of the systems. The top tray split but not seriously, it still works fine and one of my four babies was flattened but not damaged. She was upright again by the next morning. As you can imagine I was pissed. Havent decided on a suitable punishment yet, any suggestions?? I might just wait till he's asleep then shave his fuckin eyebrows.
    I emptied my reservoirs and water butt and refilled the butt a few days ago. Added nutes to a CF of 8.0 and Ph 6.1. I then opened up the valve and flooded the reservoirs. After a couple of days I checked the Ph's and found the water butt was holding fine at 6.1 but in the reservoirs it had risen to 7.1 and the bottom leaves were slightly burnt??? I have added phosphoric and got them down to 6.0 and I think the burn has stopped.
    I topped them between the fourth an fifth leaf set thanks to LBH's tutorial which has opened my mind (cheers) and now jus waitin for em to hit the screen.
    an thats it. any questions or criticisms or just wanna take the piss a little feel free.

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  5. Also after reading the awesome "LBH,s 4 way lst tutorial" I put a white rhino into soil to see if I can put what it taught me into action. If you havent read it you should check it out. also fanx to Bhobo for his ventilation faq. I love what this site and you guys are doing. knowledge is king. xx

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  6. Nice update, girls are looking good...

    The 4 way lst is HEAVYWEIGHT be prepared for a big bush that may need trimming! :eek:
  7. lookin goood. will be following your grow
  8. I'm a big fan of LBH's 4-Way LST method, but I haven't ever taken it as far as he did in the tutorial. You can LST and top and FIM too much, I think. At the end of the stretch in early flower, you want some unbent branches that colas can form up on. But it sure is a great way to start off LST on a plant grown from seed. I like the fact that it preserves the plant's symmetry.

    Your screen is looking good. You girls are looking happy. Your housemate is off in search of his eyebrows. Sweet grow! :D

    Welcome to the city, GirlGrower. Grow those girls! :hello:
  9. Thanx for the advice I'm probly gonna need it lol. I got a 6 gallon planter I think that should be enough. dont think I'm going to go anywhere near as far as LBH's but we'll see how it goes. I'm jus a newb with this lst stuff but you gotta start somewhere right.
    lol she growing a little wonky but I love her all the same.
    whats happening in my pic? she seems to be growing 3 to 5 new shoots round where I topped her. dont know if you can make it out but theres 3 large shoots and 2 new shoots below? is that normal? I thought just 2 new shoots came from it. have I fim'ed her by accident?
    zappa rules by the way

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  10. I bet that thing is heavy right after a watering. I have come to loathe my 5 gallon pots. I have one flowering right now. I try not to move her much. My next project will be miniature plants. :smoke:

    You can grow a monster in a 6 gallon pot.

    That's the game. Learning by doing. Trial and error with a little bit of terror. Fun stuff. :D

    That is cool. You do appear to have five tops there where one would expect to find two.

    That is most unusual.

    Maybe. Or maybe, when you cut off her head, she overreacted a little. I've seen three new tops in grow journals many times. I've seen a few 4-tops that were suspected to be accidental FIMs. I've never seen 5 before. It's really cool. :cool: Certainly, everything looks healthy and well formed. You have a plethora of tops. I guess you will just have to resign yourself to ending up with more buds than expected. :p

    He does that.
  11. Hi girl grower, Iv had 3 and for tops come up when Iv top girls before. It is quite rarely but it does happen and its nothing to worry about, just an extra top to tie :)
  12. Lookin great :wave: *Couch time!*
  13. hey you guuuuuuys :wave:

    thought i better update this ere journal. pretty uneventful I'm afraid. I accidently slipped and had a baby boy so I have been a little all over the place. thats mainly the reason why I havent updated in a while. I have also forgotten the date of when i put em into flower duhhh. gonna have to take a guess at when there 5 weeks in for puttin in me pk13-14.
    As you can see they are doin bloody awesome wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ahem. but I have realised how labour instensive the scrog can be. if you leave em a couple o days it can be a right game of twister sgrogin it right again.
    anyways proper busy so better get back to it.
    hope your all okay on this day. thanks for droppin by dont forget to say HIGH xxonelovexx

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  14. Hey! That's great! Congratulations! Did you name him BoyGrowerUK10? :p


    There's a screen under there somewhere? Well, I guess we can say that it has filled in nicely. :D That canopy does look pleasingly flat-ish. No long shadows blocking out the light.

    How is that White Rhino in soil doing? How did the 4-Way LST work out?

    Your plants look great. That is quite the verdant scene.
  15. Girls are looking good girl.

    Nice one

  16. hey thanx for droppin in. the screen is in there its a pain in the ass crawling round under it but I can think of worse jobs.
    lol she didnt become the 4-way in the end. you can just see her on the left hand side. I have no room for her at all whoopsy:smoke:

    And boygrower was not in the lineup of names im afraid. we named him after his grandpa.
    He's a little shit machine an he can scream the house down but i love him;)
    How cute is he!!

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  17. Fanx greg hope ur ok babes x
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    What a sweety 0:D, He looks big!!!

    And I'm sweet although I got like no poe!!! bad times :(


  19. He came out 8lb 5oz he a big fella. whats poe??
  20. Pieces of Eight. Pirate Money. I think gregyc may be a pirate. Ssh... don't say anything. We don't want him to keel haul us or something.


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