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    How weird is it that fish breathe underwater? They are adapted to survive in an environment where without an air tank we would die. So how far fetched is it to think that there are "animals" that survive in space? I don't necessarily believe that aliens abduct people. But that there could be something like an animal that lives in space. The sea is kind of like space it's vastly unknown. There are millions of fish and animals discovered every year in the ocean so why can't there be something alive in space that we haven't seen yet? There is so much of it and we can only explore a tiny portion of it!May edit as I get higher and more thoughts arise
  2. Water has oxygen in it though....Space does not
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    sure. theres an unmeasurable amount of stars in space. each star has planets around it. i once saw a documentary that estimated that theres 10000 known planets that COULD have life.  and thats only known ones. so id say its more likely than not that at least a couple have life. but thats on an actual planet. if your asking if a creature could live in space itself, id say no. temperatures, no oxygen, meteors... i just dont think thats possible.
  4. Fish still need oxygen to breathe.................there is no oxygen in space.
  5. realistically speaking, its VERY unlikely that we are the only life forms in this entire universe. skeptics are plain ignorant. if life fluorished on this planet with natural causes chances are theres a billion more planets just like ours, that fluorished with life after generations of evolution. we all came from one source. we are nothing unique.Sent from my iPhone.
  6. I've often wondered how Phish plays in space
  7. if there is a cloud of gas out there i guess there could be extremofiles that could survive the vacuum of space. there is one on earth that survives in space for 2 weeks before dying. it looks like a creepy ass bear. but my best guess would be to look for extremofiles in gasclouds in space or on asteroids to. where there are a source of nutrients like sulphur or something

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  8. life as WE know it needs oxygen and such to live but couldn't there be other life whos basic needs to live are completely different from ours that we haven't found yet? anythings possible out there..

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  9. there could be organisms that dont need o2 to survive. algae for example who create their own supply of oxygen (not algae as we know it though)

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    [quote name="Sammyy" post="19432199" timestamp="1391048156"]Water has oxygen in it though....Space does not[/quote]Of course that is true, but there is also no oxygen on mars, however there are still organisms that survive. Hell we have animals in the ocean that can take 200+ degrees under water and others that live in pools of acid.For instance take Loricifera a multicellular organism that does not require oxygen to survive and also lives in some of the harshest environments known to man. Sure right now it's not much to look at but hell earth has only prospered for a few hundred million years when the universe has been around for billions 13.8 billion years to be exact. And who knows how long organisms have been evolving on other planets that do not have oxygen. Look at fish like manta rays, they look weird. They don't have legs or appendages. They use sensory organs that we don't have to find food in the sand. That's weird. And look at jelly fish. They have no literal structure. Boneless and do not have a brain like you and I. How crazy is it to think that there are space jelly fish or something similar.

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