Fish tank water???

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  1. hi folks :wave:
    im planning my first outdoor grow....begining in the next week or so. maybe a silly question but ive seen people mention nitrate/nitrogen/ammonia as nutes for plants or prepping an area. through my experience at fishkeeping i know the water i drain and throw away from my fishtank has ammonia/nitrogen/nitrate in varying this better than tap water to use???? if so would you use it just for vegging or flowering? nitrogen is mainly for vegging??? not sure but feel free to correct me if im wrong! cheers

    any input welcomed ta :hello:
  2. Fish tank water is great for them! I used to keep a gallon of it when I had fish. Found that the best stuff is the last gallon sucked out from the substrate (I.e. All the fecal matter and cloudy stinky water sucked out). Only used it for first 2 months indoors then after translplanting outdoors I switched to organic fish emulsion. Goodluck! Happy growings
  3. Dude check out "aquaponics" on you-tube. Closed circulating system using fish tanks. You'll love it. Cool as hell:hello:
  4. How would water from a gold fish pond fare? It's fairly clean and has a pretty good oxygen level, as our fountain is amazing haha.
  5. thanks for the replies!! Good stuff...will check out the aquaponics, never heard of it before :D just waiting on seeds being delivered now. Ive ordered 4 feminised of each of these: purple power, maroc, purple maroc and easy sativa. with a bit of luck il get a decent here sucks lol

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