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fish tank bong

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by cburykyle07, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. what wud happen if u made a bong out of a fish tank with a fish in it?

    wud teh fish be ok?


  2. They might die, but fish can go through a lot. I saw this one video, they drained all the water out of a fishtank, replaced it with mountain dew, drained the dew, replaced it with water, and then zapped the fish with a 9 volt battery and it came back to life.
  3. ewwwwwwww that would be sick you know that fish shit in the water dont ya?
  4. its not like your drinking the water...who cares if they shit...it works..ive done it, you get one of those fish that clean all the bad shit outta the tanks, and a couple of goldfishies and light that mother phucker up!..haha
  5. It's your fish and you can do with it what you want, but I wouldn't. I mean there's no reason to, ya know. Better bongs can be made without live fish in them. Or hell, you could make one with a fishtank and *not* have the fish in there and it would be the same thing.
  6. i was just onwdeirng, it thugh tit wud be funny, wud anything happen to the fish?

  7. lol yah, if you dont wanna be cruel that would probably be a better idea...but hey, i was at a party we were all bombed needed something with a big enough space to get ripped.
  8. i have an idea..im going to getta sherlock bub next thursday...but im gunna pick up a mini bong...m/b a nice bong if i got the skrilla, and then get those sucking fish and ill never have to clean and theyl just live off bong water and bits of weed that got sucked through
  9. HAHAH have you guys ever seen scary movie!?!? hahah funny shit!
  10. Fish shit is probably nicer than what is in bongwater anyway.

    I'd rather drink a glass of fishtank water than bongwater that's only been uesd for one bowl.
  11. i think i remember seeing a video on here while back ago of some guys who put a goldfish in a bong. im assuming your idea could work, but its not the most humane thing to do.

  12. genius idea, seriously
  13. just throw a fish in your bong, you'll be like that drummer with fish inside his drums forget which one though
  14. get ur fish high
  15. Nobody else noticed this? What the fuck mate? :confused:

  16. No you wouldn't, man.
  17. I dont think its a good idea @ all, esp if you have nice fish. It would work and the fish would be ok but i wouldnt want to put my Cichlids through that.

    Do that shit in a saltwater reef tank and see what happens
  18. i don't think fish can get high
  19. Fish cough.

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