Fish Piecee.

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  1. well, i scooped up this little fish piece a few days ago at my LHS; it only cost me 15 and really is a sick piece. the mushies in the marbles on the side and the eyes compliment the color changing glass, and in my opinion, give it character. after a few bowls, that nice blue tint showed up. really does carry that fish look.. i gotta say, it's quite the piece. Hits like a steam roller but its small enough to fit in a pocket. you cant really see the depth of the bowl but its huge.. i'm pretty happy..

    here's a pic with some firee


  2. sick dude i like it. not a huge fan of front carbs as a whole but i would rip the shit out of that thing

    and for $15? cant fucking beat it
  3. yea i would agree about the carb. something to get used to .
  4. very nice pipe. love the colors :)

  5. dude thats awesome. 15 is a good deal for the design on it
  6. That's a steal for 15. Interesting to see a front carbed pipe. Never tried one before.
  7. Awesome!

    Post more in depth pics!
  8. I totally want to take greens on that bowl hahahaha
  9. the more i look at it, the more i want it :p
  10. its really good...! thanks for sharing.
  11. Thank you all for the positive feedback :)
    ill post some more in-depth pics a bit later
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  13. [​IMG]

    Another bud shot
  14. Dope pipe! Loving the design.

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