Fish People Suck.

Discussion in 'General' started by madamayo, Mar 11, 2012.

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  1. Not quite, if you look up response in fish you will see its literally a programmed response in which the "sensors" activate upon - In fish there is no ability to process pain.

    Here is an article that kinda explains it:

    (1) behavioral responses to noxious stimuli are separate
    from the psychological experience of pain, (2) awareness of pain in humans depends on
    functions of specific regions of cerebral cortex, and (3) fishes lack these essential brain regions
    or any functional equivalent, making it untenable that they can experience pain

  2. lol.. fish is a fish is a fish...hmm i want fish sticks

  3. Oh?

    *Walks into my growroom*

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure my plants are LIVING.:wave:

  4. I bet none of them ever even thought about all the plants that they have murdered just to achieve a temporary euphoria. Those plants were living creatures with a strong will to live and they were cut down in their prime. YOU PLANT MURDERERS MAKE ME SICK.
  5. Ok now this thread just got awesome

  6. Shit just got real....
  7. in order to get a good yield though you have to take great care of the plants and make sure they are quite healthy, not to mention you also reproduce them from seeds or by cloning. and you don't harvest them until they are nearing the end of their natural growth cycle anyway.
  8. hahaha i usta werk in a fish slaughter house i usta fillet fish and all that but doesnt mean u shudnt respect them/life.. jus becuase there insignificant.. how wud u feel if some et's came and start killin u for sport and eating wats left or held u in a cell while they performed experiments or jus cuase u look nice and never treated u right not giving one ounce of a fuck about u... human is a human is a human, i want some bbq ribs.... theres no difference

  9. The validity of this statement is so far off.

    I have an indoor grow, a greenhouse, and I guerrilla grow.

    My indoor and greenhouse plants are taken care of 24/7.

    My guerrilla grow is simply camo-painted bags of fox farm with the top cut off, clones placed in the top, and left to grow on their own. They get checked once a month if they are lucky and will still produce high quality and a great yield.

    Not to mention you were reproduced via a seed.

  10. Natural growth cycle? Cannabis is an technically never has to die and keep going and going and going

  11. ok.. now do wat u do to ur outdoor plants to the inside plants

  12. this has nothing to do with anything

  13. This is quite true actually.

    I am currently growing a strain F13 (Marijuana Wikipedia : F-13)

    It's a phenotype of Flo, thus it's a continuous harvest. Granted it's not a HUGE yielder, I can harvest the top buds, allowing the lowers to mature more, while the plant will continue to veg out more bud sites while it's being harvested.

  14. That's completely irrelevant.

    My indoor grow (any indoor grow) is a controlled environment.

    Outdoor guerrilla grow lets nature do my work.

  15. idk why ppl are hating lol
  16. I say just flush the damn thing, return the tank, buy a quarter, and smoke up with your girl until she realizes what a waste of money pets, like fish, are.

  17. This ^

  18. Fish people!
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