Fish People Suck.

Discussion in 'General' started by madamayo, Mar 11, 2012.

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  1. Wanna link us to the thread?

    Also show them videos like these

  2. You're all a bunch of gayfish. the thread (it's calmed down since)

    If it weren't for people like me fucking fish up, there wouldn't be all these bogus fish fixing medications out there, so the economy would suffer.

    Then again, people like you exist to remind me why I feel so good about myself. My bitch would appreciate the comment, but I regrettably do not own a dog. Figured I'd start with fish first.
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    [quote name='"MaxAmmo"']People like you should not own fish tanks period.

    They're meant for dedicated hobbyists, not some dude who wants one because his bitch thinks they're pretty.[/quote]

    seriously. just let him die? or maybe you could just give him back to the fish store, they'd be happy to sell it again and maybe someone who actually knows what they're doing will buy it.

    and medications dont fix a fish being suffocated to death by your neglect, so that last comment is irrelevant.
  4. If you would have read more, it was comatose on the surface. It had like an hour to live anyways, taking it back to the fish store would have just made me waste time.

    Also if you knew about ammonia poisoning, you would understand it is irreversible, and the quality of life for the fish is terrible with burned gills. Imagine living with one lung.

    Get off my case, I'm trying to blow off steam.

    EDIT: I'm sure they'd love to resell a $0.60 fish.
  5. it's cool if you want to blow off steam, that doesn't mean it's not your fault though. and anyway if you couldn't handle this then there's no way you'll be able to handle a fully stocked aquarium so don't even bother.
  6. People die every fucking day, who the fuck cares about a god damn fish.
  7. oh my god you realize what you have to do right?

    go to McD's and get the filet, drop it in the tank. take a timestamped pic of it and link that shit. bonus points if you can see the dead guppy in the tank.
  8. Are you seriously jumping on OP because he has a fish tank?

    IT'S A FISH. The memory span of most fish is far less than 7 seconds, thus they won't even know that they are dying.

    Are you mad that I fish year round, chop their heads off while they are still living, then gut them and fillet them?

    Or that I use fish as bait to catch bigger fish?

    Leave the OP alone, if all you came into here for was to bash him for owning a fish tank, you need more sustenance in your life.

    Kick rocks Sun and Ammo.

  9. Your ignorance is astounds me. I had a freshwater tank a few years back, but I was using my well water from Maine. Used to breed Convicts bi-monthly.

    You have no idea who you are speaking to, and your troll is ineffective sir. Once again, if you would have actually READ the post, I take full blame for what happened to the fish. Does it really bother me? No. It's a fish. When I was a child my grandfather owned a cattle ranch, and I've had to rod cows for butcher. I've had to put my own pets out of their misery from lime disease and parvo before.

    So do I really care about a fish dying because I messed up the chemistry of the tank? Not one bit. Do I care about preventing this from happening in the future? Of course. It is a learning experience, the fact that you are so quick to shoot down someone else's failures not only demonstrates your own inability to rationalize, but also shows us exactly how judgemental you really are. Thank you for showing your true color Sunn, will keep this in mind in the future.
  10. Protip: don't buy from petsmart or petco or pets plus or whatever super store that sells fish. they tend to not know wtf theyre doing so when u get the fish home it dies. i seriously watched the fucktards at petsmart overfeed tanks, mix fish that shouldnt be mixed and fuck up the pH levels. they are fucktards. find ur local fish store and they will be more than happy to do everything they can to make pet fish an awesome and rewarding hobby.
    It takes patience, and even if u do everything right everything might die, its just the sad truth.
  11. If yes, he is gayfish.

    No I mean this is worse :

  12. are...people...really..arguing over a .60 cent fish? get a fucking life
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    This entire thread is full of idiots, not entirely, but you idiots know who you are.

    7 second memory, lol.

    Disrespect and Name-calling are not tolerated here - WW
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    Or maybe we're just trying to make the best out of a lame situation?

    If you have nothing nice to say, GTFO. You are free to unsub whenever.

    EDIT: I forgot you read where you signature said you're a douchebag. I will now disregard everything you say as idiocy. Good day sir.

    Disrespect and name-calling are not tolerated here - WW
  15. or you could go back to the pet store, buy all the guppy's and cheap fish you can find.. then put them in a tank together and hook up a live stream and label it something fucked up haha

    then link them the "torture tank" in the thread so they can watch the fish all die and see what they do then.
  16. OMG!!!!!!!! Genius!

    Or send a vid of a sushi chef at work.
  17. Weeds not a living thing buddy.

    Maybe you should make sure your tanks set up right before you go putting fish in there op.

    I agree with MaxAmmo.
  18. [quote name='"MaxAmmo"']This entire thread is full of idiots, not entirely, but you idiots know who you are.

    7 second memory, lol.[/quote]

    I think its more likw 13 seconds.. And watch out for mods id edit... But so tru
  19. who gives a fuck about people dying every day???? its a way of life. haha

  20. Plants are living things?
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