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Fish oil and Cannabis

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ihazabp, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. I forget exactly what the interaction was, but could someone (Granny!? :wave:) explain the benefit of the Omega-3? I remember something about it replenishing your cannabinoid receptors, but I'd like to know the details. Thanks all :smoke:
  2. Yea I've seen granny post that too, seems to be like half her posts here, along with saying to click the link in her sig :p I'd guess omega 3 is just one of the chemicals used for making into other chemicals in your brain
  3. Yeah, omega-3 is fantastic for your brain.
    Paraphrase what Granny said... Omega-3 pills replenish your source of omega-3, to build your healthy brain cells. You already have a "stash" of omega-3 but smoking tends to deplete that. Since the average North American diet severely lacks omega-3, combing smoking with the SAD diet will further brain issues (make your more depressed...). By adding omega-3, you'll be able to produce healthier brain cells.
    If you add omega-3, you'll need to use it for a month of two to reap all the benefits of it.
    If anything search for Granny's post on it (search "Depression" in the search bar), since I may have botched a few things here and there in my understanding.
    Also, it's early and I just woke up. :p

  4. ^^^^^^this........i have been using flaxseed oil since i m vegetarian and i have noticed the difference in high and overall mood improvement.
  5. I put "Omega-3 Granny" into the search button located on every single page, and got a few threads she has posted in. Feeling nice today, so here is some links. If you want more, all you gotta do is search. Or simply email Granny and get her full and new list so you could study this information for yourself, not just with Omega-3 but so much more.
  6. i know this is an old topic but i was reading
    and im really stoned so can someone explain what is written here
    people add fish oil to their joints or what/
  7. Clearly talks about taking Fish Oil pills with Omega-3.
  8. Yea add it to your joint , blunt or you can just top a nice bowl with it. go to your pharmacy and get fish oil pills and then cut a slit in the pill AND SQueeeze out the goo onto your weed apply a nice coating. 1 or 2 pills should do the trick for a blunt. happy toking mate  :D   :bongin:   :smoking:
    are you kidding me thats crazy
    but i have like liquid fish oil
    i just drink it normally
    yes very much
  10. nice pyramid brah and yes you have got to try smoking it. the fish oil will affect you in diffeent way combined with the weed it really is great :D
  11. Hahaha, ^^^ that is fucking brilliant.

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