fish emulsion

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  1. hi everyone
    I am a fisherman, and i was wondering how to make fish
    emulsion: What parts of the fish do i use?
    Do i grind it up?
    What are the benefits?
  2. id just buy some. But if your insistent on making your own, i think you could just use fish water. You know like the water in the fish bowl after it gets dirty and you gutta clean it. but check this out this may be what your looking for:
  3. Im pretty sure its fish poop so grinding wont help much..

    but if you must grind something, just the intestines. its that poop you want.

    Fish shit wont burn plants, least my bottle says it wont. Only for outdoor use as with any manure.

    you can get a bottle of it for like 10 to 15 bucks.
  4. Dice up a fish into little chunks and put it dead center in the hole. The roots will reach for it and you wont believe the difference.

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