Fish emulsion, seaweed and sawdust fertilizer

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    A recipe for a cheap and fresh (richer, more complete than a store bought one) liquid fertilizer tea I "borrowed" from the web. According to this dude, this will give you all the bacteria, mushrooms and trace elements your mj plants will ever need. This works better if your soil mix and ferts are organic. Use this recipe both for vegetaion (N in the fish) and flowering (P and K in seaweed and molasses), Mg in epsom salts.

    Fill a 20 liter (5 gallons) pot half way with, in same proportions, unless indicated:

    -fresh or canned fish (sardines etc...:keep juice). If you use fresh fish, let it decompose alone with sawdust, not with the seaweed that would be decomposing separately with saw dust in that case. With canned fish mix everything together.
    -sea weed: rince to take out salt if it's fresh, chop or liquify by placing in water before (better solubility).
    -saw dust: bacteria eat the saw dust and thus are able to capture the Nitrogen gas coming from the decomposition (this N needs to be captured for the balance to be good and to not have rotting).
    - 2Tbs Unsulphured molasses: sugars help bacteria + no smell
    -2 Tbs epsom salts (to add Sulphur and Magnesium): epsom salts add sulphur that are already in the store bought fish emulsions. Add when the tea is ready.

    Mix well every day to let in O2 for the bacteria to live, or use a stone bubbler to put O2. The guy doesn't mention a cover (?) but I'd put a screen against bugs. After 1-2 weeks, when it smells like yeast ,and is foamy, add the epsom salts. It's ready. The guy says use 1l of this mixture to 1L - 3l-> 5 liters of water (go easy first). For foliar feeding, he recommends to add a little liquid soap for better absorption (the soap sticks to the leaf).

  2. Yet another winning recipe retrieved from the chronicles of pot history. Thanks again Corto.
  3. I love homemade organic fertilizer recipes...

    Thanks again Corto...

    It is good to be back to the growing section. I wandered off to the usage forum for a while. I am getting the grow fever really badly right now.
  4. I'm sure this is a great formula but it's a no-no in my area. Anyone who has tried any type of fish ferts around here has had their plants dug out by black bears, raccoons and other assorted critters looking for that fish.
  5. Yeah. Be careful with that recipe if you live in bear country!
  6. Thanks for the props OldPork!
  7. Nice recipe Corto. What would be a good substitute for the seaweed? because Im long away from the sea, and there´s no way I can buy it. thanxs a lot!!

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