Fiscal Cliff

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  1. The only reason the GOP agreed to this so-called "compromise" to aver the 'fiscal cliff' was because it save their beloved military-industrial complex. One of my relatives who's an engineer was worried he would get laid off but it seems like his job is safe for another 2 months...He's one of 2 Million who would get laid off which will really hurt the economy when it inevitably happens.

    Problem averted. not really, in a couple of months unemployment will rise significantly, interest rates will probably rise soon after causing unemployment to continue to skyrocket. I can predict a depression coming soon.
  2. Let us not forget one thing, cuts are not actually cuts.

    When politicians speak about spending "cuts", they are using different definitions then you or I may use. Federal budgets are given automatic increases every year, something called baseline budgeting. So, if someone suggests to make a "cut" of 50 billion dollars to the Department of Defense for example, they are referring to several years down the road, and that's after the automatic increases have already allocated an additional 400 billion to the department.

    To me or you that's still a 350 billion dollar increase. In politician speak though, it's a 50 billion dollar cut. This intentional obfuscation of definitions works for all government expenditures. It serves the advancement of special interests, and gives cover for even more growth of government.
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    im talking about the people who bitch and moan everyday about how bad things are and how they'd be alot better if "insert president they wanted to win here"would of won
  4. [quote name='"CrunkJuice2"']

    im talking about the people who bitch and moan everyday about how bad things are and how they'd be alot better if "insert president they wanted to win here"would of won[/quote]

    Yea but jeez do you even know who Ron Paul is? I would imagine you do but I don't know...
  5. I've seen this from you before and think its important for everyone to know this before they think politicians are accomplishing huge things
  6. Let's go over this cliff. I want to see 8 dollar per gallon milk prices. I want to see people's reactions when the same old sold out politicians they keep on voting for office really fuck things up for everybody.

    So many people and things are dependent on the government, they got everyone freaking out about this thing.

    I can't decide whether it is entertaining, or saddening.
  7. Completely agree. This is why we need a constitutional amendment for congressional term limits. Honestly, they should have included that with the amendment for presidential term limits.

    Congress people are way more concerned with the next election and who's going to fund them than anything else.
  8. To play devil's advocate a little bit, this could also just make the incentives that much more perverted.

    You know you're only going to be there 1, maybe 2 terms at best. With that fixed time limit, you've got to bring back as much bacon as possible, to receive your kickbacks before you go back to your day job.
  9. Well that would our presidents a bit.

    I just think it would create a better opportunity for competition. Better politicians have a better opportunity to win. It's hard to compete with John McCain for example because he was so much prestige, even though he's a crony.

    I just think that without the possibility of a lifetime of power, it could change their mindset a bit, maybe it the way that you described, but perhaps in a more positive way.

  10. You're right on about this.. but what you dont take responsibility for is that the left is also FOR this increased spending, military spending and all..

    These two parties are completely out of control.. they are gambling with our children future, and for what? A fat and happy military industrial complex? Inexcusable.
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    Our politicians have failed us once again. Though I think America might kind of deserve it for voting them in the first place. I think politics is a profession like illegal drug dealing or pimping and other occupations of that nature in that it often attracts the most vile elements of humanity towards it. I mean how many upstanding drug cartel kingpins are there out there? How many benevolent pimps? How many delightful hitmen are there in the world? How many criminals have a heart of gold? Politicians generally range from megalomaniacs and fascists on one extreme end with merely the sycophantic and the self-serving on the other.

    What is the rest of the world thinking as they watch this situation playing out in America, as our leaders come up with a manufactured "solution" to a manufactured "crisis"? Are they amused as they watch America's self-inflicted crumbling, as the Jersey Shore of the world has its season finale end in a cliff-hanger? Are they worried that we'll take the rest of the world down with us when we go?

    In two months it's all going to fucking happen again with the goddamn debt ceiling too.
  12. @TheDankery

    Nice points made. It got me thinking how there's always some "crisis" being hyped up by the political class. Whether the fiscal cliff, mass-shootings, foreign policy (Iran, Syria, etc.), debt ceiling, healthcare, the economy, H1N1, and on and on. When was the last time a week went by without some "crisis"?

  13. I've heard of baseline budgeting but for some reason never bothered to look into it, but the whole thing just baffles me. Why does the DOD propose layoffs when spending would continue to increase. Their should be budget reform to a zero based budget to prevent the exponential inflation of our national debt.

    I did state in my post that the republicans are trying to protect the military industrial complex. I was just speaking about how the private companies are threatening to issue a significant number of layoffs despite a continued increase in spending.
  14. The DOD does this for the same reason that a city threatens to close it's trash pickup service, or a town's education board threatens to lay off teachers. They don't go for the biggest cuts, just the ones that people will tolerate the least. There's enough loose change in these agencies to cover the costs, but they threaten us with these things to ensure we continue to support the expansion of their wasteful programs.

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