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  1. i have a box in my closet that im growing three plants. I germinated the seeds before planting and im using a prefertilized soil. The light right now is a 12" flourescent tube.
    I planted the seed yesterday and one of my plants grew just a little. do i nedd alot more light and what kind? is miracle grow 15 30 15 a good idea to use as fertilizer?

    The temp in the box isnt warm at all
    the temp where i live is about 50-60
    what can i use to keep them warm but not start a fire.

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  2. here is a pic of the inside

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  3. heres one seedling

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  4. here is a pic of the 12" flourescent light.

    are flourescent lights any good for growing ??

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  5. the box is 20.5 inches tall and 13 inches wide
  6. yes they deffinitly smell....
  7. i keep hearing about this, or something. whats the deal with them, can someoen tell me? can you order seeds from them, if so, will they ship to the U.S? well if somebody can help me out with this question i would appreciate it. Also, if they do ship them, what kind of label do they put on the box, is it obvious that its weed seeds, or is it just a blank package?
  8. Arseface is right about the lighting and you'll prob find that the extra light will help with te temp problem you have....aim for approx 70-80 degrees farenheit in the box, also do you have a fan attached to the box, will a smaller set-up it would be a good idea to have ventilation to change the for the seed company, i'm not too sure, i use send them in a packet inside a hard cd case, and them inside a jiffy bag.....some will selotape them under the black plastic part of a cd case.....Peace out...Sid
  9. Sorry about that statement in my last post when i said "as for the seed company, i'm not too sure" i meant that i wasn't too sure how they sent their seeds'm gonna give them a try the next time as uk seed supplies is limited in they're range of seeds....just wanted to clear that one out....Sid
  10. If u have enough light.. why would leaking light turn your plant into a hermie ???
  11. dont want light to leak durring your dark phase

    wile budding
  12. oh ... i c ... well... were my plants it is normally dark... but i geusse i'll throw a blanket over the box just in case...
  13. no probs....

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