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  1. hello im learning how to grow,im helping my uncle raise his
    sour diesel and Lavender plants,i also have my own og plant
    very young still,but these are growing nicely under the sun outside

    i wanna build a grow box! i been trolling the net..
    i wanna keep it light weight but sturdy enough for plants so pvc framing.
    i would like to use soil and the v-scrog method
    and optimize my space,also cfls until i uprgrade
    pvc frame visqueen walls with insulation in between..
    wooden/plexi glass flooring?

    i just need tips on 1.v-scrog set up like building the screens
    2.whats the best method multiple plants to screen or to its own.
    3.drainage 4.ventilation design

    it will be place in a closet(6'7 wide 5'4 tall to hangerrack, and a lil over 2'10 deep)

    smell is no issue,and by law i can have 8 mature plants and 12 immature
    i will be buying clones so i wanna stay within these but keep a productive supply
    of green to smoke and make cannabutter/hash..

    would using square tall pots do well?
    and maybe 2-3 chabers for different cycle of growth?

    i would like to harvest every me out!

    sorry if this is confusin
  2. First of all, you won't be harvesting once a month with only 1 set up. Most indica strains take at least 8 weeks and some sativas can go up to 12 weeks to fully mature.
    With that said, the only way to harvest once a month is to run two grows at the same time and you flower one group as the other group is a little more than halfway in flowering.
  3. Ok with the space I have to build could I have half for vegging and raising up clones and the other for flowering?
    And in the book I think its called perptual crop? That's what I ment I believe

    But whatever sent would be cfl/v-scrog but I can't figure how to set that up and or build space around that conept
  4. And I will be using indica or hybrid clones from the oaksterdam nursery
  5. in my opinion scrogs are not necesary in smaller spaces... the screen is good to maximize efficiency, primarily in larger spaces. Just get an oscillating fan to strengthen your branches and only do topping rounds once or twice... or use basic LST, you'll get high yields... check out my grow I am just starting a perpetual thing....

    btw when you say smell is no issue you mean it's ok with you that your space will reek?
  6. Even if you do a perpetual, it still doesn't change the harvest time...plants flower in at least 8 weeks. Perpetual just cuts the extra vegging time, not flowering.
  7. Well sorry I ment I wanr a perpetual system.....I looked all over the web an scrog method is god for me maintnence wise and everything,and yea I wanna do it as cheap as possible would worry about filters and such later
  8. what kind of lighting are you planning to use in there?
  9. I want to use whatever system I use should be able to be upgrade to take bigger lights in the future...
  10. Here is my out door baby "og purple" an the bigger ones are lavender on left and sour d on right

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  11. IMO cfl's are a wasteif light... they shine it in all directions.... don't get me wrong... i've used them... but I'm just aware from experience, how much less efficient a 70w cfl is than a 96w T5 fixture. the answer is much less. FYI the best cost efficiency you could get is a 6 tube T5, utilizing LST techniques with 10 plants (or so). if you have less plants you can just switch some of the bulbs off (or take em out). Most buds for lowest cost IMO. That said I am now using a 400w pulse start 3k for bloom, and the 2' 4 tube T5 to veg. check it out in my sig if you please.

    BTW your plants are looking great.. props.
  12. I will check that out...they are out side the big girls are beginning to flower...I wanted to take my operation inside to a pretty larg close to house my box...I just need the initial set up I eventually wanna get some air cooled lights...what's a comfortable size box for say 4-6 plants I like the scrog also to manage height and the clean under canopy looks cute
  13. Thanks first plants!
  14. a 3x3 space would usually be the minimum space for that number... if you don't let them get too bushy... but some people who yield a pound off a plant use 3x3 minimum for one plant so... it's up to you. if you have a closet 4-6 plants should be fine.
  15. I just need to build inside...and the training of the plants through scrog I think could optomize plants maybe 2 to a screen? Sqaure pots closer together? I don't know where to begin my box design I just roughly know the uncle is no help he doesn't care about my box vs the room he planning for tax season....
  16. I am not into scrogs, sorry I can't answer your question. I am of the opinion, for the extra one or two ounces per plant you'll get for a scrog, might as well have a separate plant. also, the only reason you'd want square pots for your scrog is if the pots are really big. This due to the idea of scrog- that the plants foliage is much wider of an area than its container. I think people around here are using PVC piping and elbows, you get at your hardware store, with Trellis netting found at most garden stores. make sure your plants are on some kind of tray so the run off does not cause mold under your grow because your plants might get infected with bud rot and PM if so.
  17. Thank have helped me! I gotta go back the the board and now draw and get dimensions for my box is there some kind of rule of thumb when doing scrog about how many plants to a screen?
  18. check out asked's coco grove... he has a plant in scrog, i think it's an barney's LSD (calls it jenna), blooming in a tupperware under a 2' t5- i think the harvest was around 4 oz. then look through smoove's organic journal, he uses a screen differently if you browse through the pages you'll see what I mean

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