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  1. First thread under this topic?

    Oh yeah... DVD and blu-ray r kewl.

    I prefer to watch online though!
  2. blue ray sucks!

  3. ehmm.... you are from North Korea???
  4. He's actually from Cuba.
  5. Fuck VHS it's all about video cassettes baby.
  6. They're the same thing, Professor Hawking
  7. [​IMG]
  8. I prefer movie reels to get the 1920 feel
  9. i like movies.
  10. Cave drawings are my preferance.
  11. yes, in case you were wondering.. you get it.


  12. With any luck, this will be the only thread ever created in here and this fail will live forever
  13. koo - baa. (The president in harold&kumar2 interrogation scene), haha.
  14. Yeah, I own DVDs....yeah....
  15. Yes, Cuban Bee
  16. fuck blue ray
  17. Im more of a laser disk man myself.
  18. This is the funniest thread I've seen in a while.

    Anyway Blu-Ray is awesome when it's done right.
  19. hd dvd is actually better then blue ray,,
    but whatever, blue ray wins..
    i own both...
  20. Beta bitches!

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