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First your guns then your knives, Doctors call for a kitchen knife ban in UK no joke

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Deleted member 472633, Dec 27, 2012.

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    BBC NEWS | Health | Doctors' kitchen knives ban call

    I am not going to lie by brain is about to explode at the utter ridiculousness of leftists.


    I just have one question. Are there any men left in Great Britain or is it a country of little girls who have to ask their nanny before wiping their ass?
  2. Why are doctors calling for this...are they tired of sewing people up?

  3. Oh geez
  4. just dont take my dragon shouts.
  5. Offensive weapons?? Anything can qualify as an offensive weapon! Watch out, next they're going to call for a ban on pointy forks, or really sharp pencils.

    ...just wow. Because if that happens in England, the black market will be giving knives and guns to criminals, when the public will have neither to defends themselves with, except umm, a three inch pocket knife??
  6. Now, who was telling me that it's ridiculous to think that after a gun ban they would go for knives or anything you can possibly harm a person with?

    ...oh, that's right. Almost EVERY person pushing gun laws.
  7. Most of the "men" in the UK end up moving to america
  8. Sounds like the NRA paid them to make these statements.
  9. Probably not seeing as the article is from 05
  10. Probably so. I'm an EMT and we get way too many overdose patients! I wish they'd ban drugs or something :p
  11. LOL kitchen knife ban....prisoners under super max lock an key stab each other every day, they think a kitchen knife ban will do anything?
    fucking morons...


  12. Not really.

  13. I once went to buy a screwdriver and was asked if I was over 21. I'm 22 and went nuts at the manager screaming what could I possibly do wrong with a screwdriver apart from unscrew something.

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    That cat with a tin-foil hat was cute :) Gotta love cats. Dogs drool by the way.

    Aaaand yes, various special interest groups will call for banning or allowing this and/or that all the time. Nothing new. In the UK it is a bit extreme though. I thought the nordic states were the last remnants of stalinist soviet russia so to speak, where the government get up your ass whatever you do - and you better like it. But no. The UK is worse.

    - Reverse libel laws. That is, whoever charged with libel got to prove it was not libelous. Not innocent until proven guilty huh?

    - Severe gun-restriction laws. Which have resulted in Scotland being the knife-murder capitol of the world and only criminals actually having guns. You know it have gone to far when police demands to have guns at all times. Because criminals won't heed gun laws. Leaving the lawfull up a certain creek without a paddle.

    - Rampant political correctness. There is no reality check. Yes kitchen knives can actually kill people. But more often than not, they are used to slice tomatoes and onions. For those of us more asian in our food-likings, we got big huge choppers that would make your average kitchen knife look like a toy. Still just used to chop ingredients though. Just more efficiently :) Just ban cars already, they kill plenty of people. More than guns and knives put together. And cars emit shit, my cleaver don't!
  15. This article is nearly 8 years old :eek:

    I'm guessing they didn't succeed.

  16. Ah, so the NRA were not here pre 2005. Thanks for the info.
  17. Did anybody mention that Hitler first banned Jews from owning firearms, then a few years later he banned them from owning "knives or truncheons."

    And we know the rest of the story . . .

  18. :rolleyes:
  19. See, all us Americans should take note. This is what will happen!!
  20. [quote name='"orville22"']See, all us Americans should take note. This is what will happen!![/quote]

    Possibly...or what if they scare you a bit to increase gun sales.

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