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  1. Little description.

    My life at home: I live in a city 40 minutes away from campus, and have a upper class family. They detested the idea of me going to NSU because of all the bad things they have heard. I have always gotten whatever I wanted, and have been sheltered from real life events such as these. These are probably not normal events for a first year at college, but this year has taught me alot about life... It's so different being away from home.

    College: NSU ( Basketball/Football/Bowling/Track 2011-2012 MEAC Winners )
    Age: 19
    State: VA
    I am white, go to NSU, which is a HBCU ( Historically Black College/University ).
    I got a 50% ride, paying for all of my room and board/food.

    First year in college, and I decided to go to NSU for the money, and I knew very well that I would be put in the athletic dorm, and not the freshmen one.

    I have had the craziest time of my life here... I wouldn't say it's a "Hood", but it has its dark alleys.

    First Semester:

    Normal, boring old college student who studies all day. I did not really want to go out and party, due to the fact that I had not known really anyone. I was one white guy in a sea of black people. 97% Black Population.

    I had a Vaporizer, Bowl, and a fresh quarter of some Spider Kush..

    October 30th - 2011 : Cops raided my room, found EVERYTHING, and I was kicked out of my Dorm for the rest of the semester, and given drug classes.

    I moved into my friends room in the Spartan Suites ( Kinda like Hotels on campus ). Upon moving into the suites, is when everything started to get crazy. I started to go out, hangout with the Athletes (Since I live with them).

    Up to this point, we had been having a session every night, at the same time. It was sort of a gathering, and we would smoke a good 10 blunts a night and enjoy life. Things had blown up, enjoying life, smoking all the herb I could handle and just basically enjoying my college years.

    March 3rd - 2012: Me, and 3 football players were walking back to the suites to return to our session. Upon walking to the parking lot, 3 armed men run out and hold us at gun point while we have to get on our knees and empty our pockets. I mean.. sure, I have been robbed before... But never with a gun to my head, and the funny part is.. It was all a experience, I was not afraid, mad, or even sad, to me it was just another experience of real life.

    March 16th - 2012: Norfolk State Beats Missouri in the Conference championship, moving into a top 16 slot for the first time in history. I sat there, as we won that game... Knowing that the night was going to get crazy real quick. Around 8PM, the partys start, and people start to roll into campus.
    The suites were like a war zone, I had went up to the 4th floor with a camera and had taped the whole situation, imagine over 500 people on one small hallway, destroying everything. The fire alarm was set off, and the real cops came onto campus. I had headed back to my dorm, thinking it was to hot outside to even attempt anything else. Ten minutes later, the situation has calmed due to the evacuation of the building. I head back into the suites, and the party starts back up on the 2nd floor.. even crazier then the first, I was by the door when the Campus cops unloaded a whole wall of pepper spray. Spraying the whole crowd, It took me 30 minutes of washing to finally get the small amount of pepper out of my eyes, Total damage at the end of the night was estimated to be around $75,000. Total Blunts Smoked: 38.

    March 24th - 2012: As I was walking to go to the cafe, I had seen one of the football players storming into the building all heated, so of course... I followed. He went upstairs and was standing in front of this guys door, he then proceeded to knock and the second the guy opened the door, he cold cocked him right in the head, he then proceeded to bring him to the ground where he bashed his head into the Marble floor, it only lasted probably 50 seconds, and within that 50 seconds the guys face was splirting blood everywhere. The blood was shot all over my clothes, the floor, and the walls. I have never seen such crazy stuff in my life... This year so far has been a experience, and I hope to have plenty more.

    I was just smacked, so I decided to type up some crazy times during my first year of College.
  2. What happened to the kid that got his head beat in?

  3. He ran out with a towel covering his face, most likely to the nearest car to get to a hospital. His face was pretty bad, broken nose, stitches all across his left side of the face.. and embarrassing reality that he got his shit knocked out of him.

    On top of that, he apparently is pressing charges...
  4. Man I saw the party when nsu bet mizzou on espn, looked fucking crazy

  5. I was in the party, possibly not the same one they taped... But the suites were bumping louder then any of them. Shit got crazy, real quick.

    I still have tape from it, of my friend spraying the fire extinguisher everywhere.
  6. No shit he pressed charges, why did the kid beat the fuck out of him

  7. Apparently... The guy that guy beat up, was talking to his wife.. and caused his wife to divorce him.

    I think he just allowed his anger to take over, he is transferred from Florida State To.... so much potential.
  8. the dude has a wife in college? wierd

  9. Yup, go figure. 22 and Married, far to young.
  10. I hope he got fucked by the law for beating the dude up thats fucked up

  11. Chances are, they won't press charges because they both play for the same team. They will settle for a large settlement amount and everything will be dandy.

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