First WW-SLH-PW-BK 600 Watt DWC Grow+LST

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  1. Hey Grasscity,
    This is my first grow and I am using these following strains:

    Super Lemon Haze (Green House)
    Purple Wreck (Reversa Privada)
    Bubba Kush (Green House)
    White Widdow (Green House)

    I am going to be using DWC, 4 buckets with airstones connected to a pump. I have RO water and am going to be using the Lucas Formula to feed the plants. I have my carbon filter outside the tent with the vortex fan on top of it with ducting connected to my reflector so the hot air can be sucked through and be cleaned through the filter. Inside the tent I have two small fans to blow the leaves, and also a c02 boost bucket pumping through a hose to each of the plants. I am researching ways to do LST, any tips of how to tie them down on the bubble buckets would be great. All for seeds are in the rockwool cubes and all have 4 small leaves. Here are some pics I took so far. I have another thread on here its in my sig so stop by! Im going to be updating everyday.

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