first writing i've ever done, i don't read either.

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Grt, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. hey. im posting this for shits and giggle, criticism is welcome and so are flames, or anything else like random pictures or something:smoking:

    start on the outside
    "lets go this way"
    it attacks
    it shreads you to pieces
    pull together the parts
    gone now

    rearrange the jungle
    reach for more
    look for new branches
    follow the path through the roots
    go to the core below
    bats and diamonds
    mine for more

    "follow the race.."
    don't get caught behind
    follow the leader
    reach the door
    the boats had passed
    the message lost

    come this way
    don't retreat
    don't look back
    dont' fear it
    bats and diamonds
    mine for more

    oh yeah i forgot to say im going to post up some of my dig art some time.. maybe soon. PHOTOSHOP RULES! ODOYLE OUT

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