First Worked/Heady Glass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. As you can see by the title I'm really stoked right now! This dry piece was made by Sands (not Wicked Sands), a blower from Kansas City. I do have a nerd slide but this is my first glass with worked sections. I wish I had one of those nice cameras so I could take some more pics, but these are what I have for now. Also threw in a shot of my collection.

    Thanks for looking!

    I love this piece already, it's worked all over and the closer I look the more detailed it gets. It has a "stinger" on the end for the mouthpiece and the shape is perfect. Also it's got a "Sands" milli, two clear marbles, 2 big sweet horns, and a massive carb.

    Sands Dry

    My Family (without dry)
  2. Damn man that piece looks fucking sick. Glad to hear it smokes well too :smoking:

    nice pick up!
  3. pretty groovy sidecar

    i see you're a fan of inlines ha
    nice collection
  4. Very nice pickup. Loving the color on that piece. Lines look very tight and clean as well.
  5. thanks dude!
  6. nice pick up +rep are those inlines dif sizes or u just like the variety?
  7. glad to see it went to a GC'er. sweeeet pickup
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    Thanks everyone

    The green one is an inline bub and the clear mini one is a spork inline ashcatcher. The tube is just an inlline.

    Tried to take some pics with crappy webcam

    Bowl of stinky pinky

    Bad timing milk
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    thanks everyone
  10. good to see it got there safely. you got it for a steal too. treat her well!

    and btw, your milkshots with 80% of the image blacked out are annoying as hell...

  11. why? lol

    I like to edit them after I smoke lol, since my camera is down anyway
  12. idk the black is just overwhelming... you should just click edit on photobucket and you can blur stuff with all sorts of cool effects instead of blacking it out. just a thought.

  13. oh

    on photobucket?

  14. who cares if anyone sees your face.. your on a site dedicated to marijuana lolzz

    can they also prove thats bud in you bong and take analytical samples through the video??

    great pieces Greener! always loved that sands dry piece. something about how cheap it was and how amazingly nice it is too..
  15. tht sidecar is sexy.i love the sand logo

  16. thanks ppl

    I dunno, I just don't want to show myself smoking in case friends or family search "greenerdeaner" on the internet (I use the same screen name for a lot of stuff)
  17. Nice sands sidecar, it looks great.
  18. stinky pinky?
    my friend just sent himself back a hp of stinkypinky from cali. it was a little disappointing to say the least. he bricked it way the fuck up and it looks like shit. smokes a lot better than it looks tho.
  19. Lol, that sucks man..

    this is the best weed i've ever personally picked up to say the least

    wish I had a good camera

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