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  1. Okay, so two of my plants (bagseed) sprouted on monday, so I am now six days into my first grow. My box is cardboard lines with mylar. I just installed a digital thermometer/hydrometer and found that my temps were an absurd 95 degrees F. I immediately left the door cracked open and put a computer fan in the crack, and an hour later the temp is stable at 83-84 degrees. The humidity has been hovering between 48 and 55%. I am using 6x26= 156 watts of 6500K CFL on a 18/6 cycle... The soil is miracle gro organic potting soil (no fertilizer/time release shit).

    Both plants are still about 2.5 inches out of the soil, and havent grown much since the second or third day. Also one of the plants has slight yellowing, and the other is slightly droopy. I am hoping that this was just due to the incredibly high temperature that is now corrected... so I am hoping to see some recovery in the next day or two.

    Is there anything else I should change: Is 84 degrees still too hot? Is this too much light for two 5 day old seedlings? Should I switch to 24/7 lights? Should I increase the humidity (spray bottle or something?)

    Thanks for any input,

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  2. +rep thanks for the advice FireMonkey... and i thought the soil was one of the only things I had done right.

    Mine are still very young so I am worried about transplanting them just yet. I think I will see how they do over the next couple of days without being in 95 degrees and also without overwatering (I had been watering them almost daily, but that was also to make up for the really high heat drying out the soil).

    I will update the status with pictures in a couple of days.

    If anyone else has input, I would greatly appreciate it...
  3. you already know what I think...., go to my site , see link below

    there is a whole album full of MG soil burnt plants at all ages, transplant now to avoid further burning
  4. Okay those pictures convinced me, GanjaGuerilla... so I went to a small shop nearby and got a bag of "fafard professional potting soil". The back of the bag says

    how does that sound? the shop also had some stuff just labeled "potting mix" that didnt have any info about the ingredients. I dont want to replace one bad soil with another, so I would like to know if this stuff is good? i also picked up a spray bottle, and i found a pet store that has a kit for measuring pH for 7 bucks, should I pick that up?
  5. fafard is ok, it does also contain ferts, organic, so dont feed the plant for 5-6 weeks or it starts to show signs of defecencies

    yes get it
  6. right, but its better enough than the miracle gro that I should transplant?
  7. oh yeah your good, MG is just too harsh, fafard has caused issues with a coulpe , but if memory serves, they were fertilizing aswell
  8. thanks a lot for your help guys...

    my plants really recovered and are doing great now. There are pictures of them in a grow journal that I started here, and I would appreciate some help with some questions I have there.


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