First week of Flowering!

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by THCaleb, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. Hey everyone, my plants just got thru their first week of flowering!!! The small one is really similar to my first plant with the slow vegetation growth. I think it's because of the Sativa genetics plus male genetics. I'm pretty sure it's Mango Kush. The 2 plants are the same strain but you can see how different the phenotypes are, which is really cool. The big one on the other hand is doing things I haven't seen before, so I think it's a female. The only female I've encountered was the one my friend grew a while back. Memories from that are kinda fuzzy and didn't really get day by day pics like how I do now. I do know how false buds look tho, easily detectable now that I actually let a male fully mature. Imma upload a pic from my first grow too cuz I never did before lol, I just let y'all know it was a male. It was a very strong male Sativa tho. Imma make another thread of some fire strains I been smokin on too lol.
    Here's that first male I grew...
    Well there ya have it lol, my progress in becoming a great farmer. Not just in cannabis either, I wanna grow vegetables and other foods too. I have a special bond with mother nature and I love her with all my heart!
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  2. Nice. Growing in organic soil is life-enhancing in a way hydro just cant touch.
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  3. Your plants look really nice. Obvious progress between first attempt and second....mainly because of lighting upgrade. The most important element in the indoor grow is your flower lighting. Without enough wattage to cover the number of plants your flowering in a cycle, all plants will suffer. But give them the high wattage/high quality flower lighting they need along with a good overall environment, and they'll grow great. When posting pics, take them under natural light and not the LEDs since they make everything have a purple hue. But good job. The more you grow, the better you get at it and all this stuff you've put in your brain finally starts to make some sense. LOL Happy growing. TWW
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  4. It really does create a super peaceful environment
  5. Thanks man, I was actually wondering if I may need just a lil more extra light for flowering cuz I read somewhere the light is the most important part in flowering
  6. I added 2 of my soft white bright stiks today and it's slowly improving more. I had no idea it needed more lighting either, a few leaves kept drooping but I couldn't figure it out lol. Thanks again!

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