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First Week Of Flowering! My ladys need HHEELLPP!!!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ryjam, Jan 10, 2013.

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    First week of flowering and my leaves are turning yellow and dark brown, kinda rusty,
    I dont know what to do. One and leaf tips curling down.On a 12/12 cycle PleaseHELP

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  2. I could take a wild guess or you could post a pic and tell us a more about how you been treating her,ie; medium,temps,ferts,etc.
  3. Some pics posted. Thats another problem. I rescued these two ladies from a grow room that was being broken down. So i dont know what has been used.
  4. I'm literally exhausted from the masses of newbie growers!!!!!!!!

    Give us the important details of your grow to let us know where you're at. Someone will figure it out in the morning.
  5. Firat off those plants sont even look like they have any branches and need training bad cuz thats aome serious stretch
  6. Instead of being buthurt that i dont know obvious things maybe you guys could just enlighten me with some of that sweet knowledge. thanks
  7. You gotta lst that plant and try and get some branching otherwise your obly gonna get a couple grs instead of seeing anywhere near full potential
  8. And like said before need specifica of what u are doing for thw plants and what kind of enciroment its in
  9. HOW??? I was given these plants at this size and dont have any idea what to do. I would love any exact direction. If these were yours what would you guys do? Exactly.
  10. Uhmm. Im not doing anything for them yet i repoted them in organic soil and have them on a 12/12 cycle using a total of 400wtt cfls. I have added no nutrients. and am not sure of the ph
  11. Do the buckets you put them in have drain holes. What is the pH of the water you're giving them?
  12. The buckets do have drain holes. Im giving them drinking water from the bottle
  13. Ph your water 6.5.... theres your problem
  14. I would veg longer first of all and then top the plant, and start bending branches and tieing them off attemptinf ro circle to pot so it becomes a round bush and all the braches are forced to go vertical u cam also read up on lst on,the forum there are hundreds of picture how toos on here
  15. Thanks guys. So its popular belief if i correct the ph then the plants will correct themselves right?
  16. Dude go read the marijuana grow bible. Your never gonna get thoes plants to harvest dude.....

    Ph is what allows the plant to take up nutrition. To high over 6.5 and certain elements get locked out and cant be absorbed, to low under 6.5 and a whole different set of nutrients gets locked up.

    Good luck... just go read the grow section thread stickies
  17. Let me guess, Miracle-gro?
  18. Haha oh god i need to get out of this thread. Im starting to feel bad for thoes plants :/
  19. coat your pots with foil.

    water them gently until they show the first signs of draining.

    remove all excess water asap.

    water them every morning or at the beginning of "their" morning (light cycle).

    get yourself a light timer if you don't already have one.

    keep your lights about 8 inches from foliage.

    keep air circulating in and out of growspace, this will help with excessive humidity and heat.

    get yourself what is referred to as a "go box", it's A to Z nutrients for a couple to three plants, perfect for beginners and you don't have to worry about ph if using this system.

    I need to look at your pics again, because i didn't get a good look the first time. from what my "homies" are saying, you're girls are in pretty bad shape. but no biggie, be patient, even a battered women can bare children.
  20. after reviewing the photos, i've decided that your plants are not that bad.

    do what i told you and you will succeed.


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