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  1. Dunno if there's already a thread on this but here goes...
    When was the first time you tried weed, at what age, where and did you enjoy it?
  2. It was new years eve, I was 15. My friend had bought 5 grams and there were 3 of us smoking. I ended up doing like 6 waterfalls and then I like fell down and started to lye on the snowy ground. This guy was a pro at bruing waterfalls so they were intense. I was SOO tired at first so we went to go chill upstairs(no one was home) and we watched the Doors movie. The high went away after awhile and I went home..

    Fucking awesome night.. One of the guys quit though which sucks, my first time was his last time. The other one has lsowed down huge after he greened out.
  3. I'll have to say I was prolly 12 or 13 and I went to my firends house b/c he said he stole some pot from his dads tray, we rode our bikes over there and he rolled this shitty ass joint, we toked it up. never really felt high:poke: , they did but not me. I never did smoke again, until I went up to the mountains in 2005 for my friends grad party, i wtached him walk accross the stage and that night some friends came to the party that I knew smoked headies all the tyme, so I told my buddy that he was blazing with me for his graduation, we blazed up some DANK ass bud and we were gone:bongin: :smoking: :D :hippie: , needless to say that sparked wht you all know as the sloppyjoe. :wave: Good tymes. :hello: JOE>
  4. Sophomore year, me and my buddies skipped a Don't Drink/Do Drugs and Drive assembly. We walked over to the county park right next to our school, and smoked a blunt in some horse stables. God damn that was fun.

    That night (the second time I smoked) we had a party in the "blue barns" at that same park, we drank so much and smoked so much. I started my experience off right, and that's how I have been snoking ever since.
  5. Halloween, 8th grade, behind a bowling alley.
  6. When I was 14, and a freshman, some dude in my math class who always kept on talking to me about random shit, gave me a small nug and told me to smoke it at home. I was like omg wtf is that weed? I didn't know shit about the stuff so I tried to roll a pos joint out of a post it note and smoke that, but I was mad paranoid at my parents catching me and killed the high before it began. I didn't really start until sophmore year which that and the rest of high school was my golden age of blazing :smoking:
  7. Last Christmas, like 2005 honestly, 1 blunt, an 1/8 of Sour Diesel I got for $40[I love hookups!] and about 2 grams of commercial dank[my friend had] between 8 people..can you said SMASHED?
  8. this isnt the first time i smoked,, but the first time i got was actually yesterday and my frend was gonna get some purple haze for all the 6 of us,, a 50 bag actually,,, and at first i was like man its not working,, but 5 seconds later i just started feeling good,,,then i started laughing and touching myself,,,and i couldnt stop laughing,,then this really weird but kool music melody popped up in my head,,,it was undescribable. lol and everything my frend was saying was for some reason hilarious. then this cop came and was like ok at 10 o clock just leave the park,,so he was kool. wen we started walking,, my mouth felt like it was turning into cotton.
  9. LOL 6 waterfalls the first time? I would have been out of my head. My first time i was 19. 2 drags off a J, and i was stupidly high. (hard to talk fluidly)

    After that i didnt' smoke for a few months. When i tried it again, it was out of a bubbler with winamp + milkdrop and it was one of the coolest nights of my life. These days, i cant' get high enough to recreate that feeling and nearly "trip" to milkdrop.
  10. first off, welcome to the city man

    second, unfortunately it wasn't purple haze that your friend got, it's extinct. but I'm sure it was some chronic

    first time I smoked was with my friend who had just started smoking (we were freshmen) and he made a shitty pipe out of pvc and tinfoil (yummm alzheimers!) and we smoked some dirt swill and of course we didn't get high. started smoking again beginning of sophomore year, first time I ever got high was with a few friends, we went to the park and smoked a blunt in the forest, then just sat at a table and laughed our asses off. man I'll never be able to get that high again. been smoking pretty much every day since then
  11. Last year, my first year at university, out of the blue, in a bathroom, homemade bong :D
  12. i was in 7th grade and me and my two buddie piled into one of those tiny play house things in the middle of winter, we got so stoned
  13. Right before 7th grade in the woods with my friends bowl. Didnt really get high, just kinda in the eyes you know.
  14. When I was about 11 and in 5th grade, my brother and his friend,Jarrod,rolled up a CHERRY blunt of dro...

    Think of that...A cherry Blunt wrap and Strong ass weed..and it was still a new smell and taste for me and that wasnt a good taste combo and all of a sudden...

    ...I just fuckin Exorcist style puke Ramen noodles and blue Superman ice cream all over the old living room couches....I was high as a muthafucka and tried cleaning it off with the shop vac and just said fuck it...

    Then somehow I got to my brothers bands( violinists house and then i vaguly remember something about playing bongos and singing...buying some dro of my own,chillin in his basement,and getting in tha trunk of a car...and the violinists fine ass yeah...i got HIIIGGHHHHH:smoking:
  15. I was 15 and in 10th grade at the time. It was a Saturday morning, in the middle of January and I was about to go to a concert with the Guitar Lab class. I had smoked a few times before with no luck, so I decided to try once again, because I thought the actual act of smoking was fun.

    Now, my friends and I were kind of weird, so we broke into some "abandoned" (we learned that it wasn't, a month or two later.. haha) house to smoke. One of the friends I was with and I bought corncob pipes a few weeks beforehand and we rigged up some ghetto corncob pipe, waterbottle, candlewax bong. I took a few rips off that and proceeded to play ping pong with my non-smoking friend.

    Then it hit me. Right in the middle of the ping pong game. I was amazed. I then went on the Guitar Lab trip (which involved a high speed, 1 hour boat ride - Very fun!).

    Ahhh, that was such a fun day.
  16. Shit. That was my first high experience. My first weed experience was a few months before that (November). After a late chorus practice, two friends and I drove to a bamboo forest. It was dark, windy, and pretty cold out. My friend had a small metal pipe and I took many a hit off of it. I then proceeded to another abandoned house (this one being really scary, with TONS of weird random stuff. It was also made of plywood... just creepy) where we smoked more. I didn't get high, but it was still fun.
  17. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to talk about the first time I tried it or the first time I got high. I'll go the exciting route and talk about my first high.

    First, a little background. I actually remember it very clearly. I was thirteen years old, it was probably mid march. I had a few sessions with a spoon, doing the whole "I wonder if I'm high" thing.

    Finally, I decided it was time to stop fucking around. My brother packed a fat bongload, and we ripped up. He was controlling the slide, so I didn't have much of a choice. I inhaled every hit. I felt my legs start to go slightly numb. I knew this was going to be it. One thing I knew, I was passing the bong to him, I heard him say "Go inside." I don't remember walking in and sitting down at all. Next thing I knew, I was sitting in the armchair. I sat up and leaned forward. My vision was shaking around like a bad cameraman. I then got a revelation, knowing that this was it. I understood that it was ridiculously easy to distinguish from sobriety. I then had the largest laughing fit of my life, as I looked at my brother as he was walking inside, empty bong in hand. I looked at him with deep eyes, and whispered "I'm high" to him. He smiled, stashed the bong, and sat on the couch across from me. I began to play video games. It was insane. Then, drymouth happened. It was full-blown, merciless cottonmouth. I asked my brother if it was alright to get up and get a juicebox. It tasted very interesting, but didn't cure my drymouth. I also began to feel naucious. So I laid back in the chair and put my feet up. My brother tried to keep me awake, and I had terrible couchlock, refusing to even sit up. I told him how terrible my drymouth was, that I just wanted to go to sleep to get rid of the drymouth. I had trouble getting up the stairs, that was humiliating and terrible. When I laid in bed, he came in and whispered "You really ripped that fucker." I smiled and passed out on my bed.

    Although it sounds like a bad experience, it really opened my mind, not to mention, the rest of my body felt like heaven. I believe I related it to God sitting next to me, giving me a massage. It was wonderful.
  18. Like most people I didn't get high my first time so I guess I'll tell both stories quickly.

    The first time I smoked was across the street in the snow-covered woods. A friend had sold me a bag of 2 prerolled joints so I took out one and proceeded to smoke it. I was unfamiliar with the concept of a roach clip and burnt the hell outa my fingers, which stank for a day or two. I didn't get high and I got the opposite of cotton mouth. My mouth just filled with saliva and spewed forth upon opening my mouth.

    The first time I got high was with a neighbor friend who's last name was Weed, which is the sole reason I'm including his last name. We smoked two or three bowls on my back porch stairs out of a homemade bowl (I believe it was made out of .306 bullets but I don't recall exactly). We went on a walk "around the block" (it was really just country roads that were connected) and ended up going to his house for some video game goodness. I wasn't very high but I knew something was up when I went to shake his dad's hand and wondered if I would be able to extend my hand the correct distance from my body to meet his hand.
  19. Last part gave me a laugh.
  20. first time i got realy high was at my best mates place.. bought a $20NZD ($11USD) 'tinny' (about 1g) and we waited up till 1am when his parents went to bed then hopped out his window with a V soda can. Hit that mo'fo a bit, damn it was harsh but all ov a sudden i was cracking up and my eyes seemed to be far back in my head making everything seem far away lol?

    well we went back inside and my mate chuckd on some trippy techno and i just sat there dancing on my chair going totaly all-out raving style rofl i couldnt help myself and in my mind i could see like a ping pong ball bouncing along hitting the sides of my vision to the beat and all my muscles pulsed in harmoney to the music fuck it was intense.. even when i walked out of the room i could hear it in my mind and i was dancing as i was walking along lol looking like a right retard..

    well things slowd down and some bob marley came on and i just sat there moving my head around like it wieghd 100kg. alot more happened but i cant be assed typing and this is long enough =O

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