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First Wake n Bake

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by grassmoke, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. Heyy forums, tommorow is my first day without class or homework so ive decided to wake n bake, any suggetsions of what to smoke outta? breakfast munchies? anything helps.. Ive got a bowl, a 1 foot roor with an ice catcher and rolling paper, should i hit the bong? or what........ Thanks guys
  2. RooR>Everything else
    I usually like to make a bunch of pancakes and smother it with maple syrup and some jelly. Tastes bomb.
  3. nah just roll a joint and go for a early morning walk (or drive) to mickey Ds. fun stuff
  4. smoke a bowl from your bong then light up a joint :smoke:

  5. Especially on a Sunday morning when the road is so quiet.
  6. roll the joint tonite so when you wake up you dont have to brush your teeth first
    and just wake up and smoke away then eat pancakes/waffles and take a hot shower then smoke some more thats wat i like to do
  7. Bacon, eggs, and pancakes.

    Or go with the classic cereal with ice cold milk.

    Can't go wrong with any breakfast meal really.
  8. I love to wake n bake... But man honestly there is nothing better than waking up grabin your lighter walking out in the bright sun to greet the morning with a fat j and always blow your smoke toward the sun to get the day high as well :) haha I live the lake (yea mutha fuckas THE lake not a lake THE lake) and I roll down to the dock and pop into my lounger and light that cherry up real nice :) mmmmmm damn it kinda makes me want to go to sleep so the morning will come sooner :)

    Oh man and in the summer, i love to bathe in lake haha something about being naked in the water high makes me feel sooooo good :) but in the summer it's not unusual for me to cook a bunch of food backpacking style and then swim over to this little island over near my house and put a hammock out and build a fire.. There's a big sandy beach about 30 yards wide and with no tide and no boats with big wakes I can put my hammock like right over the wAter and my friends all come by and chill and I'll sleep out there and bathe :) god life is awesome then.... I really do fucking love that!!
  9. you just described my summercamp for two weeks three years ago, it was great great shit, didnt smoke during the day tho
  10. I've never done a real wake and bake :( I'll have to once I get my next stash
  11. I always love to wake and bake from my bong :):bongin:
  12. Haha, my first time I never made it out of bed (I put the microwave and prerade biscuits next to my bed the night before :) )
  13. haha i used to wake and bake all summer and get pancakes or omelettes and toast and stuff like that for breakfast. always a good time.
  14. Belgian waffle with butter and strawberrys and maple syrup with a side of bacon = favorite wake n bake meal. Oh and plenty of coffee too
  15. hahaha this sounds like somthing my ass would do over achiever right here setting it up thinking way to far ahead!
  16. Monday morning I'm getting toasted man :) I picked up a quad of some highmids yesterday and my parents are gonna go to work :) I plan on a nice welcome home reunion with friends and a big breakfast cooked with weed :) I'm looking for recipes now :)
  17. My all-time favorite thing to do is wake&bake.
    If you don't shower to wake you up, you get a nice, hazey, groggy feeling that I love.
    If you do shower, you feel refreshed and high, lol so either one works.
    But my favorite smoke of the day is always the wake&bake for sure.
  18. had my first wake and bake last week was amazing. got up, smoked two bowls full of some headies, had an amazing breakfast and ended up pulling dance moves all over my house...

    case in point, wakin n bakin is a marvelous experience:smoke:
  19. Bong rips in the shower + Pancakes = Ultimate wake & bake

  20. why the fuck must it be so winterlike up here in the north :(
    i am going to jizz myself when i am able to do shit like this come spring break:smoke:

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