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First Wake 'n' Bake

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jakepriestley, May 27, 2009.

  1. So, im getting my weed today, and i've planned to have a wake n bake tomorrow morning. I've heard their really good, are they better to smoking any other time or not ?
  2. It depends. I usually keep tokin through the day if I do, because sometimes it just burns me out. But go for it dude its fun.
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    7:30 am here, just finished a smoking bowl.

    it gives you a whole new perspective on the day.

    If it's your first, i'd avoid it if you have something important planned that morning.

  4. yea until you get used to it make sure you don't got class or nothin
  5. its awesome. but you know how the first high of the day is always the strongest? well maybe when you go to blaze later in the day you wont exaclty remember you smoked, and it wont feel as good.
  6. I did it once. Great experience. I remember it took me 30 minutes before I started really feeling I'm high. The fact that I was tired like hell was taking over the fact that I was getting high.

    30 minutes later... wow, it was really something special.
    Have fun,
  7. If you don't want to feel sluggish and brainddead for the rest of the day then just smoke enough to get "pleasantly high". Like, don't overdo it.

    I know it's called wake n bake, but you don't actually have to be baked to enjoy the first smoke of the day. I like to hit the bowl a few times, or the bong or whatever smoking utensil you prefer, then I'm on my way, completing tasks effeciently.

    Have fun!:D
  8. Enjoy it, like everyone else was sayin don't plan much that day.

    i don't like em too much anymore, maybe 1 puff just to make the morning mellow :smoking:
  9. i just came down from my morning bake. i try to do it only when i have nothing to do for the day. like this week i told my dad i would watch his house/dog while he was away. so im just chillin watching his big screen and toking it up. if you actually have shit to do wake and bake isn't always the best idea.
  10. i love smoking first thing in the morning, i dont do it too often before school cause i dont normally have time in the morning, but like on a saturday its great, it makes the morning go by slower but not like a boring slow, like a nice relaxing slow. and for some reason i feel like im high for a lot longer. idk its just amazing though.
  11. I love to wake n' bake! Be careful though. It's more than likely to put you back asleep. ;]
  12. I did this morning.... Just make sure you're not doing anything.
  13. pack your bowl the b4 u go to bed then as soon as u wake up smoke a bowl before even getting out of bed! but like everyone else said if it's your first time dont overdo or have anything to do haha.
  14. It puts you in a better mood when you are dreading going to work.
  15. Its really fun at a relatives.
  16. i wake and bake about 2-3 times a week
  17. its fun and all but it really wouldnt say its a whole different experience i never feel any different but its still fun to start the day high :D
  18. its nice :] I'd like to think of it as one of the simple pleasures that come with smoking pot. but it can really fuck up your day if you have anything planned. because you wont want to do shit. ;)

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