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First Wake and Bake

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jackie Chiles, May 22, 2010.

  1. Today was my last day of classes in high school. About 1/5th of the senior class came to school high. There wasn't much work to be done so we just chilled all day. All that's left for me to do is take two finals and graduate.

    I'm thinking about getting baked before my calc final, anyone have experience with taking tests high?
  2. yeah, ive gotten high before every test for about the past 5 years. i kinda need it to do well, but it really depends on you. some people it can really screw up, and they cant take tests worth shit...but then again a lot of people do much better when stoned. so id say try it out(though i wouldn't suggest trying it on a final haha)
  3. I love wake n bakes and I have aced a few tests blasted (the same kinda tests that I would normally get like C+'s on sober) so that that however you want it.

  4. Not something I would recomend :\

    I've done the same, not for any sort of IMPORTANT test but yeah. I always feel more motivated to get it done and get a good grade (I didnt give a fuck about high school), but it was hard for me to 'dig deep' for any answers i knew off the top of my head

    that's just me personally

    I'd be carefull, never seen anyone walk into a calc test with a huge smile on their face
  5. I can honestly say I'm baked 3/4 tests and pass 3/4 tests.
  6. Ive heard a theory that if you study high then when you go to take the test high you'll remember EVERYTHING. HOWEVER i also know people who have tried and then BOMBED their ya i wouldnt risk it on a final.

  7. It's different for everyone. I've done the best things high. Gotten the best scores high.
  8. Yea, that's what I did. I aced that test too.:D:cool:
  9. i have a lot of fun taking tests high..But i hate it when we have to read books in english 1st period because i cant pay attention to save my life
  10. ADD medicine helps too when your taking exams to. Just saying..
  11. i've always taken tests high, and i've always gotten high test scores
    but in my experiences of taking tests high, out of all school subjects i'd say mathematics is among the easiest. spanish and english tend to be much more difficult, for me at least.
    ultimately, i'd say it just depends on if your naturally good at the subject.
    the fact that you're in calculus suggests that your not a burnout, so i have confidence that you will do fine.
  12. I do amazing on tests when i am high. I am also much better at sports when i'm high. I played a tennis match today, and got a double bagel.

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