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  1. Hey blades, I've been researching for a while on what PORTABLE vape to purchase. I have a $300 budget. The models I am looking at are Pinnacle Pro w/glass tool, Arizer Solo, DaVinci, Inhalater XP. Wondering what you guys would think of as the best in means of stealth(pocketability, not necessarily smell), cloud production, hit strength, and reliability?Any answers are appreciated, as long as they are not biased and you have had experience with more than just one vape.Sent from my Speak and Spell
  2. Oh and by the way, as of right now I am leaning to the Pinnacle Pro with water tool. For use as a portable and home use unit.Sent from my Speak and Spell
  3. Love the solo, simpe to use, easy to load and clean LMAO, excellent quality vapor for a portable, newer model charges have a plug and play like feature built in. Not as portable because your draw stem is a separate piece of glass and def noticeable in most pant pockets, but still not difficult to conceal or use on the run if no one sees you messing about with the glass and everything. I have heard good things about the inhalater and davinci, prob buy a davinci if I had to get a new one because it looks like it would be really easy to use outside of my place/friends place. 

    Personally I only think glass tools are needed if your switching from smoking, its already a lot lighter, unless you need to take massive hits and dont want to feel any heat or substance.  
  4. I like the vapes you've posted and in my opinion I think Arizer Solo is definitely the best buy. A few of my buddies have it and they've never complained. I have the PAX and I would definitely recommend it as-well!
  5. Hey!  This is my personal opinions on these vapes:
    Davinci - best for stealth, still a good vape tho.
    Arizer solo - best portable vape imo for cloud production and hit strength.
    Pinnacle Pro - mix between the 2 - wasn't a huge fan, I preferred the solo since they are both not easily "pocketable."
    Inhalater - haven't tried.
    If stealth isn't a huge concern, id say get the solo - its reliable, good hits, good clouds for a portable.  It's just not easily put into one's pocket, tho it can be done.
    If you are looking for a stealth vape, then I'd chose the Da Vinci, or I'd suggest checking out the MFLB, Grasshopper, or Firefly vapes.
    The pinnacle pro is definitely pocketable..pinnacle destroys the solo on size, portability, stealth, etc.
    I have one with the water tube and love was worth every penny. It's also very easy to vapor-bong with it because it goes into any 14mm joint, so if you have a bong or bubbler with a 14mm joint, you might not even want to buy the water tube.
    It's a great portable vape that is more than suitable for using at home as well. You really can't beat the portability of it.
  7. You really can beat the portability of the pinnacle...  Also imo it is a soft hitter when put through a bong and isnt very well suited for that use. 
    Of those you listed I would take the inhalater unless you mean the davinci ascent in which case the ascent is the best portable I have used, and I have used just about every portable on the market. 
    Just goes to show that not every vape is for everyone.    I had the Ascent for awhile, and while it's a great tasting vape, there was just too much conduction going on and being that there is no option for heat to be instantly applied and instantly unapplied, like the MFLB and the FireFly,  the constant cooking of herbs just didn't work for me as far as efficiency goes.   But I could definitely see how others, whose priority is not efficiency, would really like it.
  9. The firefly is a vape that I really want to try. It sounds more in line with the way I typically want to vaporize than what else I have tried in the portable arena. 
    Yup.   Instant on/instant off convection.   I like that in a vape.

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