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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by logistixz, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Looking to purchase my first vape, I've been reading through quite a bunch of threads and it seems like most of the bad experiences with vapes have been from buying poorly designed units. It's looking like I've narrowed myself down to the Arizer Extreme-Q since it offers using either a whip or filling the balloon, which I like. Now question is, has anybody else been down the same road as me? Any regrets?
  2. Thats the one to go for. Check my thread about it that i made a few months ago.
  3. Look around and you aren't going to find many posts with anything bad to say about the EQ. It's a really good vaporizer. Whip/bag and it's a good price and a really good unit. What's not to like? You won't have any regrets. You are pretty close to nailing it with good/bad vaporizers. Good/bad design, good/bad materials, and good/bad craftsmanship and that about covers it all. The biggest problem trying to wade through it all is who to believe. You get a lot of "it's the best" comments from people that haven't used anything else and the unit they are touting is basically, junk. Fear not, you are getting a quality unit and there aren't a lot of people that can argue with that.
  4. i had one i sold it for ssv. i would probably choose the herbalaire next time if im going to buy a balloon vape again
  5. I bought the Arizer Extreme Q for my first vaporizer and have no regrets. It is very user friendly, comes with a remote, and the balloons (with the exception of having to attach them to the mouth-piece) are amazing for when you have a group of people. It is relatively easy to clean and to top it all off, it has a snazzy blue light that you can toggle on or off. I highly recommend it!

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