First Try, Nutes, watering and general questions.

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  1. So I am on day 28 of my autoflower grow. I am using 3 gallon pots and have been watering with distilled ph'd water every other day. When I water I normally just water until it comes out of the drainage holes. I have added nutes twice now and have just filled a drinking glass with water, mixed 1/4 strength the recommended nutes and fed them. The issue is that fox farm recommends a tsp\tablespoon per GALLON. Personally, even with a 3 gallon pot I have no idea how anyone would use 1 gallon of water per plant just because when I dump the glass of nutes in the pot there is even drainage with that little of water. My question is, how much water should I be giving my plants as well as the amount of nutes per amount of water.

    Mind you I am doing a small closet grow with 2 autoflowers, I just dont know how i would water my plant one gallon of water in on feeding without most of it being drained. Should I just use 1/4 of a gallon and then 1/4 of the nutes? or is using the 1/4 nutes in the glass of water technique.
  2. Indie..............Hold the boat my firend. your over doing it. 1st I know nothing about the autoflower grow but I know a little about soil grow. Slow down take a deep breath and take heed.

    3 gallon pots------great it will get your babies up to full hilt and not go into root bound
    Distilled water-----Not good, use either a RO water or water that has a low EC/PPm. I found a water store that is $.30 per gallon and the ec/ppm is perfect check around and see what availble in your area.
    Water till it comes out the holes----------Great what you are doing is flushing out the salts that are left from previous addition of nutes. every other watering flush 1 with nutes 1 with straight water. Good thinking on your part
    Feeing with nutes---------Follow the directions. 1 gallon of water and the FF nutes. Nute the plants every other watering . Don't over water and don't use the entire gallon of nuted water per watering, your wasting the stuff. Just water enough to make the soil moist in a 3 gallon pot about a half of gallon should do. FF has a recommendation as to how much nutes you add to a gallon follow the direction on the nutes. The bottle of nutes has the directions on it.
    Remember mix the nutes up in one gallon batches. water your beans whenever they look thirsty.



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