First try at this. Thoughts on how it's going so far?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Salty82, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. This is the first time I've attempted growing and these two are all I'm doing. They went in the ground the first week of June. How do they look so far? Any input is appreciated.

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  2. Looks good! Next time a little more perlite and im not a fan of straw as its kinda acidic. What strain? My guess is a northern lights sort of strain

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  3. They're white widow clones. I'll add more perlite next time. I didn't even think about the straw being acidic but I will definitely remember that. maybe larger pots next time as well?

    Thanks for the kind words and advice!!!!
  4. Haha i have 5 white widows going myself. How large are your pots? They look decent enough size. Bigger than a 5 gal bucket right?

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  5. The white one is 7-10 gallon and the wooden one is a 1/3 barrel. I'm expecting them to get a bit taller by the time they ready to harvest but I'm not sure how much bigger.

    Are yours indoor or outdoor?? Any tricks you think I should know? Thanks a lot
  6. Mine are all indoors. Anything over 5 gals is fine prettt much, they look great. Start the flower nutes about 10 days in flower

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  7. They started flowering about a week or so ago so I'll start flower nutes with the next feeding. Tiger bloom and big bloom are what was recommended. Any experience with those? I was told to give them molasses between feedings too....
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  8. I'm an organic grower but know plenty of people who use them. Great nutes! And easy to get used to, molasses is a must for me aswell as silica. Silica ( I use armorSI) really helps to strengthen the plant and produce overall better quality. I find anyway.
    I have a girl that's vegged only 10 days and she's flowered this large:
    And I'm pretty sure the silica helped quite a bit, harvest is tonight.

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  9. Nice I'm subbing
  10. That's a gorgeous flower! Well done. Those buds look dense!
  11. This plant was alive for about 2 months. Rather than my usual 4-5. And I'm surprised how she's doing. I'm convinced it's the qb lights

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  12. Im thinking I might like to try my hand at growing indoor. I'll have to pick your brain
  13. I'm always here to help! As long as it's not hydro I'm not tackling that until next year.
    But as for lights ventilation and anything else. Grasscity is an amazing place to learn and grow. Shoot me a msg if you need anything or post a topic

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  14. Thanks a lot!! I'll make sure to bug you.
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  15. why no hydro ? im on my 1st grow using hempy buckets and it seems much easier than most other grow setups ut's hard to mess up ( so far anyways lol)
  16. Have to many grows going on right now haha

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  17. How old is your plant?
  18. 3 months give or take
  19. Your plant is growing faster than mine. My plants are almost 4 and a half months and they haven't developed flowers yet
  20. Have you put them in 12/12 yet? o_O if you mean preflowers not all plants show preflowers before flip... I've never had a bagseed show before flip and fem seeds tend to show at around week 6 imo.

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