First try at Organics - HELP

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  1. Medium - Soil/Perlite 70/30
    Soil - Agway - Lawn, Garden, Pet, Bird and Farm Specialists | Home & Garden > Soil > Potting > AGWAY PREMIUM POTTING MIX 1CF
    In or Out - Indoors
    Strain - Barney's Farm LSD
    Age - 6 week old CLONES (1st week Flowering)
    Lights - 600w HPS (air cooled)
    Distance - 20 inches
    Water - Every 3-4 days (tap)
    Feed - BioThrive Bloom (once)
    Temp - 80 (40% Humidity)
    Pots - 1.5 Gallon
    Bugs - None that I can see

    This is my first try at Organics, and I need some help. I have 5 LSD plants just wrapping up their first week of flowering and they are starting to worry me. I'm getting rust colored spots/tips on my new growth, and faded looking spots on the older growth. Also some of the leaf tips are curling down. They have only been fed BioThrive Bloom one time on the second day of flowering. I gave them the "heavy feeding"(4 teaspoons/gallon). I gave them the heavy feeding because I read that it's hard to burn your babies with Organics and the feeding chart even says you might even need to 2x the strength for heavy feeders. They were fed BioThrive Grow 3 times in Veg with no problems. I haven't even checked any ph levels because it says adjustment is not necessary. Sorry the pics are not the best...

    BTW, I have 3 Bubba Kush plants right next to them and they are loving life...

    Any help would be appreciated... Thanks.

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  2. need to check the ph of the water that your using
    and the runoff
  3. U have there the classic signs of N overload.

    Dark green
    Clawing/burning blade tips
    "Reverse canoe" curl of the blades

    Unless u remove some of the N it will chemically burn the plant.

    A flushing is at hand...

  4. Thanks for the info! And good thing I checked my thread cause I was about to feed them cause they haven't had anything for a week. lol

    So I should flush the girls out good, got it.

    When can I start with nutrients again, and would I want to start with half strength ? Quarter strength ?
  5. Yup. Then youre good to go.

    1/4 strength.

  6. Cool... Thanks alot! :metal:
  7. Ok. Well, I flushed out 6 days ago, and now the plants are yellowing. The spots and leaf curling are the same/worse and the leaves are actually starting to crack....

    So now what ???

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  8. you should really check the ph of the water that your using
    and the runoff i had a problem that resembled over fert but it was a ph issue
  9. Yeah, I'm gonna go try and get a ph meter tomorrow. I have the drops, but I need to get a meter.

    And I found these beauties today. :( Curled up and brown/purple.

    WTF !!!

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