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  1. I run 3000 watts of hps in my flower and I still wish I could get more bud each time through haha. If its your first couple of times cfl is fine man make all your mistakes learn from them and then when you know a lot more then invest some money in some better grow equipment.
  2. why the negativity??

    OP was just Vegging, not flowering. If you were experienced, then you'd know that you CAN grow just fine with CFL's.

    You should really do a little more research before you open your mouth and talk down on a fellow grower, because you look really dumb.
  3. im keeping close eye on this as i have cfls too seen so many ppl get bud yeah may not be like 400g ect but its better more fun and bet a more satisfying smoke of you do it your self

    one quick question planted seeds yesterday. should i go full light 18/6 or start off slowly??
  4. CFLs need to be right up on your grow to get the best results.
    Im talking 2-3 inches. Small CFLs are not worth it but larger 300W output cfls are the best imo. Large plants needed to grow 400gs are not really gonna be easily done with CFLS.Unless you grow like 20 2 footers then maybe lol.

    I usually plant after germing and give them 18/6.
    with 24 i usually get a bit of stretching.
    Im not sure how light will affect a seed which is just sown.
  5. i didnt say you couldnt grow a plant with cfl. i said expect shit bud. if u have acess to online forums why cant you get on ebay and order a decent setup?
  6. [​IMG]
    done with CFLs
    Your quality depends on more then just light.
    I guess you had a bad experience lol.
  7. it more to do with useable lumens rather than watts any way just keep the cfls as close as possible with out burning her.
    and tipping/pruning might help get light penetraion down.. its my first grow too but done lots of info someone on here might help more if pruning is a good idea or not

  8. when you say 300w do you mean actuall or equivelent watts.
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    I use a mix of soft white and daylight 65W CFLs equal to 300W.
    Pruning is good when done right.
    I prune about once a week and I try to open light to lower growth as much as possible.
  10. would it be best to use soley 6400k until flower the slap just 2700k in
  11. Your running an auto right? Im not so sure bout these...
    Mixing light is my personal preference im sure youde do fine with either way.
  12. yeah i thought auto cause i have no expierence with growing, closest ive got to growing is growing indoor veg.
    closest i have to light exp and chem exp is running a marine tank.and you get whole light aguement in marine forums too with t5's leds or mh all had good and bad points to help tho alot of people were going toward led for growing corals as aposed to mh caise of the heat. i wonder if aquarium leds might work better lol all the same stuff tbf all you gotta do it stick grow light or coral light and you can add 100% on to the price lol

    taking over op's thread a little sorry
  13. nice to see all the people came around to help!!!!:hello:

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