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  1. haven't sprouted yet but here's the set up. had to improvise to get the pots close enough to the lights. and this mixture dries really fast and frequent watering is needed.
    also planted a samsara el-aquimista seed, anyone know anything about the strain or grown it before?

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  2. Looks amazing
  3. these are the latest pics.
    in the 2nd pic, u can see tips and edges starting to get slightly yellow.
    anything to worry about?

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  4. Just keep a close eye on them. I know at this stage every tiny thing is scary.

    Make sure the air temps are 80degrees or less.

    Honestly it looks like light nute burn or maybe slight watering issue. As long as it doesn't get worse you are fine. I'm assuming your dirt has some frets in it already if so then that's probably it. I'm growing hydro but I didn't give my plants any nutes at all for 2 weeks.

    I have done that to my plants a few times and it never really got any worse than that.
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    Nice box
    You can grow some quality bud with CFLs dont let the haters fool ya.
    CFLs just dont have enough power to cover alot of space.
    So you need to keep the lights within inches of your plant.
    To far away and it will cause stretching.
    I dont have experience with Autos but Ide think that spot is too small for so many plants.
    I would maybe do 2-3 in there and increase the pot size to 1 gal right before the flip.
    Using a scrog net will also give you a nice even canopy to get the most out of your lights.
    Make sure you use soft white bulbs during flowering to increase your yield.
    Good luck and keep updating

  6. ive actually been watering it frequently. like twice or thrice a day cause the soilmix drains really fast and gets dry. should i stop watering so much?
    and its about over a week old now but i havent given any fertilizer yet. just water

  7. this strain tends to be pretty small in size. around 40-50cm so i was thinking that this space and the pot size would be enough.
    and yea ill be updating pretty frequently :D
  8. I'm a new grower as long as it is getting dry I assume that would be fine. You definitely don't want them to dry out too much.
  9. havent been able to post any updates cause the pics wouldnt upload
    anyway, for some reason none of the other seeds have sprouted! ridiculous, its been 2 weeks
    as for the growing one, she's had some issues, firstly the bottom two leaves began to go black so i took them off, now that its grown a little one of the leave is going completely yellow

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    if you go organic hit up some of jerry's threads the dude knows his shit. edit: haha didnt realize there was a whole nother page of replies and updates stupid phone....peace
  11. Fail.

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  12. you people need to learn that your wasting your money on power bills trying to do anything with cfl's they wont grow you decent bud. get a hps for fuck sakes
  13. get a led grow light! and dnt listen to quinnyy, your not even at flower yet, so cfl is perfect for veg! but wen u flower u wanna get a little more power in there, if u cant afford to run a hps just use a led grow light there cheap to run, u can get bud with cfl but it wont be as gud as hps or led , in the picture it look like a nutrient burn or a nitrogen deficiency!
  14. yeah dont listen to someone whos tried it all. enjoy wasting ur money on pure crap bro

  15. problem is that where i live hps or led arent available so this is all i have to work with. got a couple more seeds, waiting for them to germinate then ill take it from there. can someone tell me the perfect soil mix. i think thats where i went wrong. the soil was always really dry and hard. it was made of peatmoss and coco coir.
  16. Some peatmoss you buy is really acidic, make sure that isn't the case for yours
  17. you heard the guy, there aint no hps or leds where hes from! so he has to work with what hes got! And there are tons of threads on here that ppl have made using Cfl and there getting bud, Peace keep up the grow:hello:
  18. you clearly never tried cfls.
    HIDs are better but you can grow high quality with CFLS easily.
    Only your yield should be affected
    need proof check my journal
  19. wtf happened?
    Did you forget to water?
  20. Chill out man I bet you waste energy too even using your hps. Unless you pull a gram per watt

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