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  1. hey this is my first time trying to grow
    here's my box set up
    4 65W high output CFLs (4000 lumens each)
    1 85W CFL
    2 120mm 90CFM fan (exhaust)
    1 120mm 90CFM fan (intake)
    i plan to grow 4-5 barney's farm pineapple express autoflower seeds
    any tips/advice appreciated!

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  2. try leds they excellent check out my tread at the bottom links
  3. Best of luck!
  4. woah great yield! but leds arent available where i am, so ive gotta go with the cfl's

  5. thanks!
  6. looks like a sweet grow box dude!
  7. nice setup, how big is that box? Looks pretty good man, good luck.

  8. height: 30 inches
    length: 25 inches
    width: 25 inches
  9. thanks! hopefully ill have everything by this weekend and start growing! :D
  10. Hey man. I am currently using 3 42w 4100 lumen cool blue bulbs but haven't got much growth off of the compared to putting them in the sun. Might be worth it to try and get 5000 or 6500 lumen bulbs but hard to find high wattage ones. I know Home Depot has some lower watt ones.
  11. these were the highest i was able to find from where i am. maybe placing the plants closer will, around 2 inches from the actual bulb
  12. Nah cfls for one thing need to be no more than a couple inches from the plants. They lose like 50% intensity every inch. Also if you are comparing even to direct sun through a window you will be very disappointed even hid lighting has a hard time competing.

    If you are growing cfl expect smaller slower to grow plants. If you can give it sun light you really should. I have about $800 into my lights but would much rather just have it in front of a sunny window although its just not possible where I am.
  13. I love my 4 x 4' window directly facing the sun at all times lol. Just wish it wasn't winter but even with clouds the sun is amazing. I had one 42w cfl about 3 inches from my week old plant and burnt the shit out of it and just about lost it. Was crispy I. About 2 days
  14. is it possible to grow in a mix of just peatmoss and coco coir?
  15. Yep. You will need to water it with nutes though so you will still at the very least need a feeding schedule. Supposedly you can put together an organic soil that will take you through the who grow with just water but I have no knowledge of this other than people claim you can do it.
  16. before i plant the other 4 pineapple express seeds, i thought id first test try one seed.
    i planted it in a mixture of coco coir and peatmoss only on the 23rd
    it sprouted on the 27th but im noticing a purple tinge on the stem
    is that anything to worry about?

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  17. Normal it looks very nice
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    end of week 1

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  19. Pretty, in the next couple days or maybe even today you will see four tiny leafs appearing around the tiniest new leaves you have... Very exciting.
  20. awesome!
    just planted the other 4 seeds in a mix containing 60% compost, 20% peatmoss and 20% coco coir. added some perlite too
    pictures up when they sprout, hopefully soon!

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