first try at growing weed

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by icanfly, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. so i have finally decided to put some use to my masssive amount of feminized seeds, and grow the, please i am a complete noob and would appreciate a dummy's guide alas cultivation is illegal here in the states.
  2. Give a few specifics as to what u want to know and im sure fellow blades will help you along the way :)
  3. Start reading. Everything you need to know is in the stickies of the beginner section. Post informed question that you may have after reading, but don't look for everyone to spoon feed all the information to you or you wont have much luck on the forums. The search function also works great to look up anything you need to know. Best of luck, happy studying!
  4. Nobody is going to take the time to write all that out.

    Read yourself ... the stickies in this section give you tons of information. After you research yourself, then you can make posts for more specific questions.

    1. Germinate
    2. Vegatative
    3. Flowering.
    4. Harvesting
    5. Curing.
  5. Haha, do you want us to grow it for you too while we're at it?
  6. i get everything about growing really and have started, but i dont understand how to cure and would really appreciate some pictures of the curing process, and i will probably upload pictures of my grow

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