First Trips!

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  1. As i'm sure we all know the first 'trip' or serious experience with a teacher/voyager drug is usually the most important and most profound. And they always make interesting reading.

    I thought i'd put up this thread for people to share thier firsts. Of course some people consider thier trips as a very personal and closely gaurded matter. I hope that from reading others they might wish to share thier experiences too.

    Please also feel free to share any revelations you have had from your trips, although i fully understand if this is a part you wish to keep to yourself.

  2. I was about 15ish (ISH) and knew i was going to take a new adventure of the like i had never experienced... but never in my wildest dreams could i have expected anything like what i experienced. There were ten of us in total. I was the only first timer. each and everyone had done their bit to bring in the largest crop of magic mushrooms i have ever seen (stands true even to this day) from the Golf course in one night. Straight away, before even counting them (though we estimated there were in the vicinity of 6000 - 10000) we started putting them in loads into the liquidiser. It the load went into a big pot ready for the brew. Once made there was enough for on average about 2 and a half mugfulls for everyone. I had 1&1/2. all piling in more spoonfulls of coffee and sugar. I'm sure the sugar and coffee alone woulda made someone of my metabolism go on a trip!!! It was decided we would go of on a walk... we didn't know where... just a walk. Some began proclaiming seeing great things before we were even outta the house. Once outside we had a better idea of where we were going... a beach! ... a very far away beach!!

    The journey began.
    along the way the occasional car drove by which was my first clue as to the fact that i was tripping. The trails of the lights just went on and on. Mounted upon the back of a car was a demon of sorts. It didn't scare me. I just yelled out to my friends "Did you see that?!?!? was that real!?!? was that really there?!?!" I can't remember thier reply as all thier words were now dancing around me in an alien language... only understandable when it really seemed to matter, like "shshsh, Spencer, stop giggling, try to look straight theres someone walking past". Soon after seeing the Demon (he was kinda funny looking in a cute way actually) I looked up ... and oh my gawd!!!! the sky was no longer there (this was even before we got outta town and past the street lights), It was replaced by, what i can only describe as giant knots of cosmic-rainbow Knitting. It was alive and animated. Every now and again it swooped down in places about a foot or two above the ground, just for a second. And often this happened ontop of my friends. First time i got worried and ran over to Rognvald (the guy it happened to first) asking are you ok? did it hurt? He replied with a curious smile on his face "No it was fun". I'm fairly sure he knew it was in relation to something i saw in my trip and was just giving a jokey answer, but it was enough to put my mind at rest to continue to watch it happening again to others in safety. to my memory i don't think it ever went over me. As we started to leave town we walked past a stone dyke (a wall, not a lesbian) and when i looked closer i saw that every stone on the dyke was dancing... not only that but it had a cartoon face on it too... the lips were moving... THEY WERE SINGING!!!! i couldn't hear them, but i knew it was because they were all together on in the wall like they had all been part of a great rock at one time and were happy to be finnally reunited together in the wall. This made me very happy as my dad was a farmer who has made and repaired many such dykes. The sky was becoming clearer (or the psychadelic knitting chunks i should say) as we left town. It looked as if sometimes a gap would appear in the knitting big enough to let one star shine through and then that star would get caught in the knitting and be pushed around with it as the knitting swirled and bobed about. ... Things are a bit hazey for a while (about a mile of the journey) but apparantly i enjoyed it alot giggling and trying to chat to my friends... even ones who didn't exist. We got to a top of a hill and then i became in tune with what everyone else was saying after ages of only being able to hear the odd line of english. I got to hear what they were explaining was happening in their trips too... and from that it seemed to influence my trips in an almost direct fasion. Butler said he saw an imense lazer light show on the horizon... moments later so did i... then we had a bit of an odd discusion where we told each other of the lazers we were seeing as if the other could see the same aswell as thier own. other conversations continued with other people... and the weirdest of all was with derek. He didn't understand. others tried to help him understand... especially the road. "How was the road? the straight, I dont understand. but then i dont understand" was the jist of his side of the conversation. we debated at leangth not understanding... each of us not understanding what we didn't understand. once Andrew even pointed out the edge of the road... this made derek confused, so he was confused AND he didn't understand. it went on until the bottom of the hill. once at the bottom derek seemed to understand... but none of use knew what it was that he now understood. about a hundred more yards and we were at the beach. it was dark, so no one seemed to dare go near the water... just listening to it brought enough contentment. Around us were some old buildings... industrious in appearance, but not forboading. I spent much of the time around here exploring things i found in great detail and occasionally running away from things that scared me... often only to be brought back to them by a friend as the explained what it was and that it was inanimate, and harmless, which usually worked. as i stood back on to about 7 of the people, at various distances away about to speak to rognvald about something i saw on butler, derek, who was mearly a meter away from me behind me let out the weirdest sound i have ever hear. i'll try to reacreate it in typing BEEWOA-OA-OARAGH. It was very loud and much to the great amusement to the croud... even those furthest away found the sound amusing. Only it must not have been so amusing for derek as an instant passed after making he sound when he hurled himself into a bent double position an dbegan to spew his guts out. He arose and proclaimed... "FUCKING HELL! NOW I UNDERSTAND!" this made the croud laugh even more. we were in absolute histerics. great debate was started then again as to understanding things and how funny it the sound was. we continued to look around have a laugh at the beach and then started up the hill again. This time it was my turn to not understand... going uphill became very confusing for me... especially since i didn't have legs and just though i was trying to float forward and yet the upwars slope never came any closer... then the road became a little confusing. We passed over the hill again and saw the streetlights in the distance. This time however i realised that we were to pass my grandparents house (was to preocupied with singing cartoon stones last time we passed to notice) and i didn't want them to know i was out here triping (even though they would be in bed at this hour) i tried to explain this to someone but because i was giggling so much i failed to get any coherant words out. So i just put up my hood and tugged on the pullstrings at either side in an attempt to hide. Ian noticed this and asked "Spencer, what are you doing" in a ver calm quite voice. This gave me quite a suprise as i thought no one could see me anymore. I replied "shshshsh" as i knew that if i were to try explain again it would only come out as giggles, as by now any verbal comunication from me seemed just so hilarious. Someone else noticed... it was Joe. Joe was never known for speaking quietly or for not speaking for longer than two minutes, he had verbal diarehoa. He asked really loud "Spencer, What are you doing?" just about 50 yards from my grand paretns house. I thought right... i'll have to iether come up with a better disguise or explain to everyone that i was hiding from my grandparents. I thought the latter would be easiest. I loosened the pull strings to be able to speak, but as i tried I only got two words into explaining anything then began giggling. I guess i shoulda gone for the better disguise ... it might have been easier. We passed my grandparents house with everyone in histerics about my inability to speak, and me being absolutely silent trying to hide. we stopped about 200 yards down the road to rest. Now peoples comunication became amusing to me... and i still think they tried to speak to me just because they knew i couldn't handle it. They asked me silly questions like "Spencer, whats your name?" it set me off. "Whats the what-what?" it set me off. I was a giggling useless gigglesome mass of giggles for the next two hours. ... 2 b cont...
  3. ... Butler sugested i shouldn't go home and let my parents see me like this and offered a space on his floor to kip. I tried to agree but just started giggling... so i nodded. We went back to leon's house (where we started) for a while, some played computer games, I smoked a cigar and chatted to the cat about smoking cat cigars. We then went back to butlers house and i was shown my spot on the floor, between his bed and the wall... it was the smallest space you could imagine. I was slightly more capable of comunication now and we chatted about insignificant things whilst every now and again something trippy would pop into the conversation. The lights went out and so did our conversation. We had become imersed in another universe. for a while i flew through some stars until my brain said... hey, your lying on teh floor in butlers room.. and then it came clear to me where i was. I started to think... i wonder what will hapen if i try not to trip and will i be able start it up again if i doo stop. So i started to think about the room in the plainest of ways i could. Bed. Floor. Wall. Window. Paint on wall. ... this was where i was thrown right back into a trip. This is still teh most imense thing i have ever seen whilst tripping. Yellow (mainly) and red/green paint began dripping from the wall in the most intricate complex manner. drops falling of bigger drops falling of bigger drops and i could concentrate on every little droplet there in an area about 1.5 meters in diameter. I must have been staring at this for hours (about 3 actually) it was so fascinating and so intense. I then asked the question "butler are you awake?", "yep" came the reply from up on the bed. Now butler came with a big long description of what he'd been looking at, that i cannot remember hardley any of, and once finished he asked "what have you been doing?", and i said... "ha! thats nothing what you've been doing.. i've been looking at the paint droplets droplets"... soon after i think i fell asleep. The next few days i was in the period of reflection... of which you lot don't get to hear about :D

    The end!

    By Spencer Gaudie (aka Digit)
    appologies for typos, it was just hacked out all at once.
  4. Well, yesterday, for some reason.. I don’t know what, my friend talked me into taking a whole1/4... since he was too. But I was on a completely empty stomach..... and he threw his up. So I tripped really fucking hard...

    I don’t know what happened... but when my friends were heading into town to get some food I think (they weren’t nearly as tripping as hard as me... since it wasn’t their first time and they did an 1/8).... I decided I should really get someone I could just sit down and relax.... so I decided to go home, since no onw was there (of course I offered everyone else to come)... anyway, they decided not to come, and amazingly, somehow I did make it home.... but most of the way there I just don’t know what the fuck was happening, and I just wasn’t watching what I was doing.... but the more insane stuff started when I got home...

    I laid down in my bed.... and, I don’t know what happened... I was just “In another world”.... everything I knew was gone... well almost everything... I was down to a pretty my 20 word vocabulary, and since there was no distraction at all... I just kept drifting off, since there was nothing their to remind me of the real world.... for a while I kept going farther and farther off.... I mean, I wasn’t even paying attention at all (not sure if I even could) to any of my senses... I was just thinking, but not knowing what I was thinking about... it was if my mind was trying to build its own world... but couldn’t, because I just couldn’t remember anything... I mean, basic laws/rules of life were just gone for a good hour or 2... eventually, I slowly drifted out of this, and just really hardly tried to pull myself back to the ‘real’ world.

    I don’t remember the whole trip, or what happened in detail, but I remember talking to my friends while I was still tripping.... it was like each one of them ‘was’ a world of their own. Some really fucking pissed me off... while some were just pretty cool to hang out with. I just remember talking to different people, but not being able to talk to more then 1 person at a time... I just wasn’t ready to comprehend what they were thinking... like a normally would.

    Every time I was just left alone for a few seconds... maybe minutes... time meant nothing to me... I started drifting again... only coming back when someone specifically asked me a question.

    Really hard to comprehend what happened to me yesterday. I remember at one point when I was at home, not sure if the ‘real world’ was really the right one.. since I was just gone, I remember thinking of metaphor after metaphor, of life, and other things.. I guess more because I could only remember a few things, and they just seemed to fit together.... I remember comparing things to time, where you wouldn’t normally see the relationship, but they just made so much sense... but I can’t remember one of them.

    I’m still just unbelievable confused at what happened.... I guess all the rules and laws of life, and this world were just gone for a few hours, and I was able to see things, from a different view, just unbelievably different from what I would normally see... and I guess I just can’t look back into that, now that all the rules and laws of this world are back in my head.

    I am left now, without an answer, but without a specific question either.... I guess ignorance is bliss.

  5. My first trip on mushrooms was in grade ten, the last day of school. I want to get them with a couple chick friens, and we ended up getting a half. Well, I took five grams, and we went back to the school to party. Yes, the entire roand in from of my school consisted of people skipping class, smoking weed anywhere and everywhere, drinking across the street, and smashing the bottles in the tennis court.
    There was a cop, our school cop, pretty cool, lax type-a guy, you know. He walked up and down the street the whole time, so nothing too out of hand went on.
    I was on my five grams of mushrooms, drinking JD and beer, and smoking tons of dope, for I was dealing at the time, all profit.
    A buddy of mine found out I was on shrooms, so he started tripping me out, and it was pretty crazy. He first started talking real fast and high pitch, like a kid auctioneer or something. The he went of about somehing or other fucked up, icouldn't understand him for a couple of minutes, because he was talking backwards.
    Every time I closed my eyes, I saw diferent psycedelic patterns and spirals of 69 going all over the place. I tripped only for 4 or five hours, but it was good.
  6. I don't remember details of when I first tripped too much, I was at a party and took 4-5 black geltabs.. And watched the Oakland Colesium "melt" before my very eyes(it was across the street from the location and we were outside). An older man who was also tripping was talking to us and we kept thinking he was a cop, however, he was just a retired painter who wanted to live his life that he was unable to live in the 60s because he was too close-minded.

    That really got me to thinking - I am NOT living my life to the fullest. I am worrying too much about what other people or society expects from me, and I should reach into the creative depths of my soul and find what my inner passions are and follow my heart. I have since then more or less followed my heart when in a bind, and for the most part...

    I also remembering going through a dreamlike state where I was absolutely 100% hallucinating that I was sitting ON the ocean (not in it but ON it) and far in the distance I found a buddha-like figure sitting on the ocean with me. It was not SAYING anything but the "feeling" its presence gave me was one of ultimate LOVE, PEACE, UNITY... and AWE. As this image got closer I realized the buddha was actually constructed of the water of the ocean itself, and it enveloped me in its depths.. I am usually deathly scared of drowning (though I swam competetively for 5 years) because I couldn't imagine suffocating on water to death, but I was amazingly calm.. And I felt like for once everything was going to be OK, and it was a very enlightening and uplifting experience for me....
    I came out of this zone-out phase (I had been staring at the wall apparently for about 45 minutes hehe) not having a clue what had just happened, but feeling very refreshed and, well, giddy. My friend Cat and I had this intense conversation about the meaningless of material things and the importance of "image" and "status" in our society, and went to Denny's for Breakfast, which was moving too much for me to eat. Scrambled eggs look like fried brains when you are tripping.

    I lived up north more then, and we hopped on the freeway and took the Golden Gate bridge (none of us tripping were driving thankfully) and the water just looked so beautiful to me.. And the rusty red of the Golden Gate was this BRIGHT STOP SIGN RED
    And everything seemed OK to me then..
    I don't take acid much anymore, haven't for about a year and before then it had been 3 years but it always ends up teaching me a lesson in life.
    Interesting thread!! :)
  7. I bet no one even knew this post was here.... it's been hiding right at the back for ages now... so i thought i'd be cheeky and bring it to the front again, just because i really love hearing about peoples trips and theres gotta b someone else here who has a crazy experience to share.

  8. I've never tripped before. I've smoked salvia once or twice but i don't think i got it hot enuf or something cos I don't remember tripping, I think i got a bit of a buzz out of it but I don't remember cos I was SLOSHED! I dunno about it. I'd like to try some type of haluconogenic (salvia most likeley cos I wouldn't trust my self to pick good shrooms and acid is something I'd prefer not to dabble with), but I don't know how it would effect me etc. I'd not be able to relax w/o a sitter there with me.

    I dunno. Whadya reckon? Should I try salvia PROPERLY?
  9. hell yeah!

    And i deffinately advise you not to try it as a recreational drug with Alcohol... thats just plain dangerous. but thats highly hypocritical of me... i've tripped on mushrooms with a few bears in me plenty times, its very odd... very. best try mushrooms alone I say... they are the best recreational halucinogen (unless u are going to count XTC as a halucinogen as recreationally its a better experience until the comedown) and the great thing is your get a spiritual experience out of your recreational mushie taking! :D

    I've never had the oppertunity to try salvia yet, but definately will one day. I'll probably take a trip (pun intented) to mexico when i'm 35. so the only real advice i can give is on mushrooms, i've taken LSD - but not enough to think i can give advice about it's use.

    if u can find anyone else who has taken shrooms ask them about what mushrooms to take... they should be able to explain what naturally growing halucinogenic mushrooms look like in your area... or you could try cultivating your own... theres plenty websites out there explaining (and selling) everything u need to get started. Erowid is the place to start.

    I really wanna hear from people who first tripped on LSD, Salvia or even better Mescaline! or anything else. I fail to believe that these are all the blades who trip. maybe they just havn't seen this thread yet. maybe.

  10. I can't remember the first trip I took. I'm not sure I even remember when or how old. I'm a user and an abuser. I've never stuck a needle in my arm, but I've done just about everything else. Sometimes they all run together like a weird dream.

    One time I was on acid ( I think this may have been my first time, but who's to say) with my boyfriend at the time and our friend. Purple microdot (who remembers that?). We were tripping out, watching "The Doors" in this guys basement. My guy and I were lying head to toe on one bed, the friend on the other. We're all zoned, and my guy leans over a bites my leg! I'm not talking a love bite either, but a full mouth try to take a chunk out of my leg kinda thing. To this day he doesn't know why he did that. But imagine how I felt sporting that bruise for weeks!

    I think this was the same night.... My folks live way out - half an hour drive from anywhere, up a "mountain" and down the other side. So of course I had a midnight curfew. Parents!! Regardless, it's a long fucking drive home, especially on acid. I kept seeing this guy walking ahead of me, but I could never catch up. Man, that guy walked a long fucking way - all the way home. And of course, I was way pass curfew. The first thing I hear when I finally walk through the door -"you're grounded!" If they only knew how far from the truth that was!!!
  11. Tripping!! My first trip was LSD. I was in a sleepy bush town, totally off my nut with 3 other people. Spent most of our time in the middle of no-where, driving around on bush tracks in dense forrest, built a fire, smoked bongs, laughed like hell. It's hard to remember such nights, they were hazy the next day nevermind now.

    One experience I remember well. On mushrooms this time. Picked them ourselves, had them in our spag bog. Munged it down, 15min later it hit me. I was casually having a ciger outside, feeling good, totally in control, take another toke of my ciger, to my amazement it seem to bend, droop down like I was holding a peice of grass. I looked out into the darkness of the bush around the house, it was all dazzling different colours; green, red, yellow.

    OKAY I I go inside.

    Joined my friends in the bedroom for a session. Made it there no worries, feeling onto it, everything is cool. Had a few bongs....Ooooo check the Fuckin' carpet out!! It was just normal striped coloured carpet. But it was movin' and waving. I looked over at the door, which seem to be as big as a book, the walls and ceiling all sloped down to the door, the carpet just didn't help either.....I felt an urge to get to the DOOR! My friend was laying next to me waving her arms, saying she couldn't feel them, my other friend was hmmm......don't know....gotta get to the DOOR! Leap up, made it, OPENED it! WOOOH.....whole knew world out there, SHUT the door...Fuck that, have a few more bongs.

    LOL it's hard to explain trips, it's just to out there. Makes sense at the time....lots of fun. But I've had my fun with them, no more for me these days.
  12. oh yeah!!!! the f*cking carpets!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure i must have seen the crazy swirling bobing carpets (and walls) in my first trip, but just can't remember it. have seen it in every other trip though. it might not seem as interesting to tell in a story than telling someone about the time you "watched the piramids be build by aliens" (bill hicks quote) but i have to admit that more than 24 hours of my life has now been spent on watching the carpet do it's crazy thing!

    i DO beleive psylocybe mushies ARE a teacher drug. and i know i sure wasn't being taught much by the carpet... there exists moments of pure entertainment within being taught a great many things.

    mushrooms are to conventional education like alternative medicines are to conventional western medicine. they should be used to complement your education from more conventional sources... not instead of.
  13. im taking my first trip tonight! I plan on taking a couple grams of supposedly really excellent shrooms. I'll be back later on tonight to tell my tale ;)

    EDIT-any tips for a first timer?
  14. heehee... back later tonight huh? if u are taking enough i'll expect the report tomoro nite! :D

    tips- have a good un.
    and em... i really recomend making a brew to get the best outta them. but then that depends on what kind u r taking. if they are those chubby bright coloured kind (not local ones where i come from) i guess u just munch them.

    hope u got an empty stomache... it'll really boost the potency.

    TOP TIP - be somewhere in nature. even just a feild. go for a walk into the countryside or something. it'll be good.

    have fun guys, you'll have a couple of days after the trip when your perception will re-align itself.
  15. I'm reposting this story here at the request of Digit:


    why was that in caps? Who cares. So anyways, please forgive any ramblings, typos, or general unrelated tangents that may be embarked upon in this im still expiriencing mild effects of this wonderful fungi

    Well this is how it went down. Me and kronos left work, picked up our friend jamie, and purchased the 'shrooms. A quarter oz and a gram. We got to our friend Mikes house and almost immediately ingested them since we were just so anxious to begin our expirience. We split the quantity four ways, then commenced in several excellent games of Capcom Vs. SNK2 for PS2. Just an FYI, that game is totally off-blown sextagious when you're shroomed. Shortly thereafter another friend dropped by, and he had quite a little surprise of his own--Special K. I was really diggin the shrooms at this point and we were just chillin out smoking a few bowls and then he gets the idea to lace a bowl with the K. None of us opposed . So after that me and kronos just sat in this wierd bulkhead of mikes house (the bulkhead itself was really tripped out in retrospect; it was this wierd little 3x3 room with nails coming out of the walls and cieling. and it also was the home to a spider that could really only be described as razor-like ) So yeah we were just chillin there and laughing so uncontrollably it was ridiculous. Then I decided I should go outside of the nail room and check out mikes backyard. I stepped outside and I was really struck with the fact that even though it looked like he had grass, if you really looked at his yard, it was just a ton of little plants. It stuck me as cool at the time. Also I noticed that every plant was exactly the same and at the same point in its life (almost definatly created by my mind). And I chilled out there for a while chainsmoking, but I was respectful of nature for some reason and i picked up all the cigarrette butts in the back yard while i was chillin. I felt like on some level the trees communicated happiness to me, pleased with my actions somehow.

    Sorry i hadda break it up cuz i woulda just kept going on way too long.

    So I played some ridiculously intense games of CapVsSNKII that could only be described as orgasmicly good. I was so plugged into that game it totally fucked with me (in a good way). So anyways, a little while later something really shitty went down with Mikes parents and his father totally went house on everything. (on a side note i just remembered something funny that ill never remmeber unless i jot it down here--when mikes dad was outside he was just walking around in the shadows while we were all having cigarrettes and he just randomly started fussing with the garden [given that it was the dead of night that was strange] and mike said 'dad what are you doing in the garden' and his dad said 'im dumping out this pan of water I have...I..uh..' thnks gcity for being my digital notepad )

    Anyways after that unpleasantness was finished we got in the car (i know, awful idea, but there really was no other choice since mikes dad was going nuts) and I drove back to our city. The crazyest things that happned to me mentally happened during that carride. I just got the (somehow) impresion that i was driving over 200 mph on the highway only to look down and see i was barely doing 55. Everything about driving at night seemed to overwhelm my senses to such a degree that i had what was comparable to a really noisy conversation shooting around in my head. At one point I was just driving and I felt like everything grinded and crashed to a halt, and that a quadrapizzilion sounds went off in my brain at the exact same time followed by the sound that happens when you get a 1-up in Mario Bros. So of course I scream out what happens to turn into the theme of my trip "ITS LIKE A SUPER MARIO RESTART BUTTON!!!!". And with that I sped into the night all shroomed up, k'ed up, and weeded up. We eventually got to a party, where I saw my girlie.

    For some reason seeing my girl (her name's christina, btw) made me feel so outrageously happy. She was a little drunk and feeling the same way on a less shroom-induced scale, so it was cool. We had had a slight disagreement about me doing mushies earlier, but all was forgotten in the party atmosphere. I dunno how to describe it, other than just utter indulgence in true love. It just felt so nice to have her there with me. I dunno why I feel like sharing this, but I feel that its significant enough to include in my account. With all the negativity of mikes house, it felt very good to be just relaxing on the couch with my love (still chainsmoking lol, i didnt stop from all the way back in mikes yard).

    So we hung out there, I talked to a few poeple I vaguely knew, explained the concept of the Super Mario Restart Button, and chatted with my Christina, Kronos and jamie. I just felt so positivly charged by it. Very excellent feeling indeed. Yeah I was psyched also because this girl I really didnt know at all said that i was the funniest kid she has ever met. Not in that drunk, laughing way, but in a sincere, straightfaced im-gonna-miss-you-slightly-when-your-not-around kinda way. More than likely it was the drugs, but I felt really happy that someone would even take the time to classify me, no less as 'the funniest kid I ever met'. I dunno, mild pleasantries are enhanced by the chemicals I suppose.

    Well thats pretty much it, every boring detail. There was some deeper stuff ingrained within the trip, and some wallmelting and floor rippling I left out, but thats pretty much the meat of it. Overall a very very positive expirience, and I feel that I know myself more fully now. I will almost definatly take shrooms again (but not immediately) next time a slightly higher dosage.

    For anyone who made it to the end--thanks for listenin


  16. My first trip was about a week before my 18th birthday. It was me and a few of my friends, two had shroomed before and two of us hadn't. We were sitting around smoking mad bowls waiting for the fungus. when it got there we all munched our eighths right away. About 45 minutes and about 5 bowls later my friends started to trip and i was just feeling a massive body high. We smoked a joint we had rolled earlier and some smoke got into my eyes. I remember taking off my glasses and the room rippled thus starting my trip. We were all having a good time until the other newbie started to flip out. He walked to bathroom and shut the door. He was in there a good 45 minutes just mumbling and yelling to himself. This scared my and i started to have a bad trip. I remember we were listening to the reggae music channel and i felt like i was sinking into myself and the music got very slow and got a drippy faucet effect( its hard to explain). My friend came out of the bathroom and had this crazy look on his face like he was mad and lost. He wouldn't even respond to his own name.
    We got him to sit down and tried to give him some food to bring down his trip. He just threw the bag of chips and went back into the bathroom. A few minutes later some friends came over and ate some mush. I was having the worst trip of my life but i was barely keeping under control. I went up to his moms room and lied down a bit as soon as i lied down and got away from my friend i started feeling much better. I just laid there and it felt like i was melting into the bed. THe sheets looked like giant dunes from a desert. I went back down stairs feeling great and i sat down and started talking to my friends. My other friend who was flipped started grabbing stuff and tried squeezing it as hard as he could. He was walking around aimlessly with his pants down(Don't worry i saw nothing) he was still mumbling to himself asking who we were. At this point i had to go out for a smoke. When i came back he was passed out in a chair and my bad trip had passed.
    Ever since then all my trips have been amazing except for once when i got sick and nearly puked.
  17. haha! NICE! that's exactly the type of first trip story i was expectin.

    Excessive people has always been the primary cause of bad trips. Once whilst tripping heavilly i went to a 6th year night oiut with all my old school friends and i thought that every person in the whole world was there.... i got over it and spent the rest of the night speaking to a mural of a duck on the wall.
  18. I know this is hardley a new concept, but it sure is one that could use a little discussion on.

    Magic Mushrooms, and other certain plants, fungi & even certain amphibians lol can accelerate evolution (and have done so).

    that's partly how apes evolved into humans.
  19. my first "trip" (if ya even wanna call it that) was when i ate some acid. it wasn't a lot and i didn't trip that hard. i was in a room while my sister was getting some weed (at some guys house who i didn't know) and the room is all tye-dyed and wavy. i stand up and there's a big white flash... it seems the one guy there didn't like me so he beat my ass. killed my trip completely. i didn't feel a thing though so it was all good, LOL.

    my first real trip was last year. my dealer at the time drives up to drop some dank off for our group. he's like "hop in" and pulls out this bag. i'm like "what's that?"... "shrooms" is the response. i ask how much and the price was right so i made the purchase and headed back to my friend's house. chomped them down ('bout an eigth) and ripped a couple gallon dank gravity bongs :D

    after a while i start noticing the trails... then these little interlocking rings start appearing all over. they change various colors and all i could think was "they're coming"

    i then realize that i still have to make a 2 and a half mile hike to my other friend's house to drop off his dank. here's where the fun starts...

    i start walking down the highway and notice that i'm tripping face really hard. no more than an hour after i had eaten them the street was made of liquid that kept changing colors, i had no legs, and cars weren't cars anymore... they were just hover-craft like things with a bright light infront of them (it was getting dark). everytime i'd take a step i heard a sound that could best be described as *WUMP* going over this high pitched screatch/squeal sound. so i'm walking, i hear *EEEEE* (the squeal) in the background and with my steps *WUMP WUMP WUMP WUMP*...

    i get to where i know i have to turn... but i forgot i forgot how to read the streat signs. i could read the words (barely) but couldn't tell which street was for which sign. i stood there staring for a good 15 minutes before i made my choice. i continue my journey, and noticed that i kept talking to myself. i'd say things like "hey mike!" "what?" "we're really fucked up?" "why?" "because we at those funny mushrooms" "yes, we did indeed... and now we're tripping mad face" "yup... and why are we talking to ourselves?" and so on.

    people now don't look or sound like people at all. they're these weird shadowy globs and their voices are like *mweah vwaump* etc. i remember always seeing this little bundle of shrooms (what mine looked like in the bag) start off in the horizon really small. then start spinning and coming at me really fast until they'd fly through my face and out the other side. i'd then see my face go and chase after them as they flew randomly around my head. my face looks like me in cartoon form and when it catches the shrooms and eat's 'em the pupils get huge and my face reattaches itself to my head.

    after 3 and a half hours i finally make it to the guys house. he takes one look at me and is like "woah... you're fucking wasted... what are you on?" "shrooms" he then proceeds to inform everyone there i'm shroomin and they start laughing. he takes the dank and rolls up this HUGE blunt... the only time i've ever turned down a session. i instead layed on his bed and tripped my face off. his room was quite small so i got a good contact-bake, and alas... it was time for the journey home.

    i don't remember much of the walk home... 'cept the street being liquid and me hovering overtop of it.

    throughout i kept getting in the tunnel, and seeing things that i can't describe... they were just too amazing for words.

    i don't know what kind of shrooms they were, but it was like a rainbow on the caps. it would start with a deep red in the center, then go to a red/orange, then there was a thin blue and a thin white line at the bottom. there was a little green here and there, but not too much. the stems were white with blue bruises... man... i wish i could chomp down like 4 OZ of them things...

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