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Discussion in 'General' started by joe4soad, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Okay, so I know you are gonna say do a search and you will find what I am looking for, but I had no such luck. Anyways... my friends and I are looking at trying shrooms this Saturday. The one kid has his hands on "$100 worth of shrooms" thats all I know about that, but I have other people to get them from... but what I want to know is... How much should we take to have a good trip, but not TOO intense, ya know? I don't wanna like freak out, lol... anyways... generally I have been seeing between 2 and 3.5 grams. Which is better the caps or the stems? Either way.. gimme some tips for this weekend. We are doing it at my one friends house... 4 of us total. No one around all day.

  2. okay, so that $100 bag has now been said to have "like 2 stems and like 4 heads" will that get 4 of us to trip?

  3. it kinda depends on how much they weigh. 2 stems and 4 caps could be 1 gram or 20 grams. But the mushrooms I get are never very big. So Im thinking you are probably getting jacked.
  4. it depends on what kind of mushrooms they are. not many psillobin mushrooms weigh that much, but there are other kind of mushrooms that weigh alot. im guessing they are amanicus mushrooms(red cap with white dots). ask the dude what strain they are and see if anyone you know have tried them.

    post a pic if you can.

    depending on what kind of mushroom you eat i would say anywhere form 3.5 grams to 35 grams would be good for a 1st trip.

  5. uhhhhhhhhhhhhh... typo? or are you just a tripper?
  6. So a different dealer just said $20 for an 1/8th. He sugested 3/8th for 4 of us to trip for the first time... I'm gonna buy a Half Ounce just to be safe. Does this price seem weird? Too high, too low? Shit, I could be getting ripped off and I have no idea, but I trust my dealer.... for the most part!

  7. some mushroom strains you need 35 grams for a trip.

    20$ 1/8 is a good price. go for it. im guessing you are getting the cow shit mushrooms. so 1/8 per person is a good idea.

    have fun. :wave:
  8. COW SHIT?! Damn... I'm hoping its cool if I wash the hell outta these before I eat them! Any way to get the most "bang for my buck". Like I've heard of eating them on pizza, or grinding it into a powder and then there was something about orange juice. I hate mushrooms, but I'll suck it up for a trip! lol. But what's the best / least raunchy way you have done it?
  9. I did shrooms for this first time this weekend, the best way, I found was to grind it up in a grinder really fine. Pour it in with half a water bottle of OJ. Shake it, and chug chug chug. Its not to bad at all... Didn't even make me gag.
  10. I'd say 3-4g would be a good amount for a decently strong first trip, but it's really dependant on the quality of the shrooms. I've had some zooms with which 6g yeilded no visuals and very little mushroom confusion but last saturday I tripped pretty hard off 3g.

    The best way to eat them in my experience is with potato chips. Something with a strong flavour would be best. Then wash it down with a beer.
  11. K no matter what dont think of ways to eat them... like peanut butter or orange juice slurpee
    cause i was thinknig like taste bad but not that bad
    and then i got some 2 weeks ago
    and woah... they literally smell and taste like shit
    so just powder them and slurpee them
  12. This may sound like a really stupid question, but how did you grind it up?:smoke:

  13. same way u grind weed?
  14. yeh the orange juice is a good idea because apparently the vitamin c makes you trip harder
  15. Yeah thats what ive been told also..and as for eating shrooms....little debbies for the win!
  16. wow this kids flying blind...

    first off shrooms are never over 50 an eigth

    second if you get an eigth of shrooms they will most certainly have more then the contents you suggested if they are psilocybin cubensis.

    so not only are you paying 2 times too much... your also getting half of what you should be for one person to dose on.

    or he could be getting crafty and the shrooms are still wet so they would be bigger but in the end you are getting ripped off again

    i say you find a cow pasture and pick your own shrooms after a rainy cold summer night. then find cow crap and rotting logs and such and pick your own... but the shrooms that you want will bruise with a bright blue color if they are the ones you want. other wise you should save em and get somebody to identify them online because they may be poisonous.
  17. do shrooms make you enjoy music and stuff more than usual ???like weed does ?

    and does everything you do feel better on shrooms ? and what are the prices on shrooms ?
  18. Price is above your post, mang.
  19. Hey if u want a good expierience you should all do 1/8th to urselves, and i get my 8ths for 25$ psilobin or w/e. MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN A CHILL ENVIRONMENT!! thats the best advice I can give you.

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