First trip to Vegas

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  1. That's right. My first ever time in the city of lights. I just turned 21 a few months ago, and the bars have been great...but I know my trip to Vegas is going to be on a whole new level. And I can't wait. I'm actually leaving tomorrow morning. It's almost time!!

    So for all of those that have been to Sin City...

    Of course, I'm looking for recommendations of places to visit. We're staying downtown, but my friend and I plan on hitting up the strip quite often. Best bars? Best clubs? Best casinos? Basically, we plan on drinking, gambling, and partying as much as humanly possible (obviously).

    Any stoner-friendly places to check out?

    Any places you know of that are worth hanging out at that won't leave me broke afterwards?

    Any input is appreciated! Thanks, keep blaaaazin
  2. Well well, welcome to my City brother.

    There's a lot of cool places to check out, but first you gotta know a few things

    1. You'll almost always lose at a strip casino, that is a fact.
    If you want good gambling, check out local casinos (South Point, Sun Coast, The M)
    2. The Strip has a few good club spots/bar spots to check (The Luxor, MGM, Mirage, NYNY)
    3. Downtown has the best food, but it's a bit slummy these days.
    4. Don't go to any restaurants down at the strip unless you wish to spend more then what you should
    5. If you want to toke, just do so in your hotel, they don't trip out about it
    6. There's lots of cool stuff down at the strip, but it doesn't give all that Vegas has, you should check out Red Rock Canyon (toking in some beautiful scenery)
    7. Strip clubs.. mmm. Treasures is good, Little Darlings is good, The Hustler club is good as well, everything else is well... let's not go there, haha.

    Definitely have a good time bro, try to avoid cabs because they charge way too much. Indulge in the nightlife and alcohol, and don't fuck with local bikers :wave:
  3. All i gotta add is: Bring NICE clothes, the clubs have pretty strict dress codes, my friend got kicked out for wearing sneakers, retro jordan 5's mind you, after we told him countless times not to wear em. Also, fuck weed in the city of sin, just get hammered and holla at beezies ha i found it better to smoke a lot before and after the trip, it's nice to come back from the madness of LV to a fat bowl.
  4. We had a great time downtown and on the strip. It was a trip cruising around after it got dark and a little cooler. We were at the Luxor, but made it all over. If you are in town at the right time, bikini bullriding is a hoot to watch.
  5. If you live in Vegas like i do you should realize that this city is a pile of dehumanizing shit. Plus the strip is garbage.

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