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First tolerance

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Emrich, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. #1 Emrich, Aug 14, 2012
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    How much and how often would i be able to smoke without getting a tolerance?

    Im about 5'8, 140lbs.

    The past month i really built up my tolerance. I just kept on smoking more and more and now it feels like i just have to keep on smoking to get high.

    To put it in perspective, at the start with zero tolerance, one hit put me in the sky for over 2 hrs. Now i just have to keep on smoking to even try to get to the same point. I think probably 3 bowls would get me that high again, but not as long of high.

    Tolerance sucks, i never want to get it again.
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    Simple. Dont smoke so much. or Get better Shit. And if you smoke your better shit to much you'll get a tolerance for that. which will bring you to the first solution. Dont smoke so much.

    Edit: I just noticed i never even answered your question lol. i weigh 10 more pounds then youi smoke Maybbee a dime a day at the most and i still get Swoozed out of my mind. so maybe instead of packing your bowl to the top pack it half way and take longer slower drags.
  3. I feel you.

    There's no way to get over tolerance except occasional breaks.

    Even then, it's still not the same.

  4. Ya, it was my first time with dank too (ak47). How much do you think i would be able to smoke without getting a tolerance smoking the best weed
  5. This is how i've always seen it and it seems to help me. When your coming down. dont run off and smoke it never seems to get you Swoozed the same. Wait until your totally sober again. Or as long as you possible can. Lol And as in sober i dont mean days. maybe a couple of hours after the munchies dissapear and the cottonmouth

  6. Ya, once i start up again, i dont plan to smoke enough to get a tolerance, i know the feeling your talking about, its quite an annoying feeling
  7. Or This ALWAYS works if you smoke out of a pipe or a spliff, Make a Bong ( google it easiest thing in the world to do ) That'll Get you tore up But a piece of advice, NEVER NEVER use foil Those chemicals will fuck you up in a bad way in the long run

  8. I have a small bong, no worries

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