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First toke

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shotguner243, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Well I've smoked the grass for a few months now and I'd like to share my story of the first time I got smoked out and have everyone else share the first time stories. So it was after school me and two friends walked out behind the school so my buddy pulls an eighth out of his backpack along with a one hitter and a lighter and packed the shit up and gave it to me he said whatever you do don't hold the smoke in for too long and don't hotbox by putting your hat over your face because this is dank stuff man, anyway didn't follow that advice so I was fucking faded off my ass. we hung out there for a few hours telling jokes in the woods drinking mountain dew, eating chips, listening to music and just plain chilling. after all that my buddy gave me a free gram and sold me the one hitter for 7 bucks since he can get bowls easier than I can but yeah thats about it. :bongin:
  2. first night going into summer break after 9th grade. I smoked a juice bottle waterfall of hash my buddy had with a bunch of other people. Proceeded to focus on "the trees" in my backyard for the duration of the effect. Honestly thought they looked like something out of a popup book. It was a pretty great night all in all.
  3. Sounds like fun lol.
  4. smoked some northern lights for my first time ( i had no idea what that was at the time) basically my friends older brother who was about 20, had some bud and invited us to come smoke. long story short, i ended up laying on a bed for 2 hours high as hell. good times
  5. Nice thread, wrong section. But I'll play along!

    First smoke was with some guys on my high school soccer team. I never drank before because I was always focused on training for the sport and drinking was never my thing (still isn't, but yet I'm drunk now haha (on a T-break so might as well yeah?)) but I did not get high which is sad :(
    I do not remember the first time I got high unfortinitely but I do remember the time my buddy and I got baked on new years when we both first started blazing, we were at my house using one of those mortal and pedistol (don't know how to spell it, the things in elder scrolls to make potions, bowl with a stone grinder yeah?) haha but anyway we were baked and my sister came home to make sure I wasn't having a party cause my parents were out of the country...but anyway my cousin came in and was liike "you guys are high aren't you?" and me being the stoned guy I was playing guitar was like "yeahhhhhh of course" hahaha then because of him my whole family knew I smoked :( but now I convinced my whole family that cannabis is not bad and the gov has been lying to EVERYONE for YEARS!!!! So win win?!??! yeah I think so

    Glad you got blazed on your first time man, must have been a good experience!
  6. First time I ever smoked, I ripped a 2 litre gravity bong. Enough said
  7. @ Jim It was man I mean I couldn't stop laughing and my friends couldn't either ps drinking just makes me mad weed makes me chill out and happy I love it for that reason
  8. And to everyone damn good vibes haha.
  9. Lol the very first time I smoked...Lmao. My asshole friends thought it would be funny to get me super blitzed my first time. From what I remember I smoked a couple blunts and several bowls that night... of dankkk!:smoke:
  10. Me and my friends first time smoking was actually with dro, lol. But I didn't know the difference between dro or schwag or anything. We made an apple pipe, failed, and ended up making a really lame joint. Luckily we both got high, then got lost in our neighborhood. It was a fantastic day.

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