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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by johnnyBuz, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. ok not really my first toke, but the first time i actually got high.

    it was last year around may'ish, and we had exams the next week.

    it was friday night and we went to see the matrix reloaded earlier that night, and then we went back to this kids house.

    his brother had some really good shit, saying it was 'cherry' and all. (alright guys i am a beginner, flame me if you want).

    so we went back into his like guest-house kind of thing in the back, and we were smoking from a bowl. there were 5 of us and a few of us didn't really smoke much before so they were kind of timid about smoking.

    i wasn't though, i wanted to get really high. i needed to relax before these exams, so me and the kids house we were at were taking most of the hits. (explained later), and the other kids were getting in every now and then.

    then we started walking back to the kids house, and we were all walking back and all i could think was, "oh great, i'm not going to get high again." because the previous times i smoked i never really got high.

    then all of a sudden, 1 of the other kids was like, "shit man i'm losing my balance." and the moment he said 'balance' i was just out there, i started tripping up everywhere just like falling over laughing.

    then we got back to his house and we were in his basement, and his brother and girlfriend were down there (also smokers) and i can just remember trying to act so innocent, which i probobly looked retarded at the time.

    anyway, they were high too and we were all just chilling on the couches and talking and shit and then we started watching this "OLMEC" show on nickelodian.

    you know that show where like the little kids run through the maze and do like puzzles and obstacles and shit? yeah it is like the dumbest show imaginable, but when your high, anything is funny.

    the whole time this is going on were talking about the dumbest things, and then randomly i call out, "hey guys the ratio is like 5 to 1" and they were all like "what the fuck this isnt null'itards' class" (math teacher)... i think i was trying to say i took like 5x as many hits as some of those other kids but i had no idea wtf was going on.

    then we called up dominos and ordered like 3 large pizzas and just stayed up like like 7am before crashing.

    i'll never forget that night though, the first night i really got high.
  2. cherish it, i nver got the same feeling as i did the first time i got high, i still get high, but the first time was just great, not very exciting, but great
  3. I remember the first time I got high. It was about two years ago. I was at a friend's house and his parents were gone for the evening. It was the third time I toked up, but before that , I wasn't able to get stoned. I smoked about two bowls and I didn't feel anything. I went into the kitchen and opened up the fridge. From out of nowhere, it hit me. As I was standing there, it felt like I was slowly floating up to the ceiling, but my feet were still planted on the floor. The fridge was pretty much empty, so we decided to drive to Albertson's and get something to eat.

    While we were there, we were laughing and saying stupid questions to the employees like, "Excuse me. Do you know where the food is? Oh, nevermind. Found some." We got a couple bags of chips and went back to my friend's house to watch Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii.

    Half way through "One of These Days," all this excercising footage appeared on the tape for a couple of seconds and went back to the song. We laughed at that for the rest of the tape and I went home.

    It was dark then. I was sort of new to that neighborhood and as soon as I started driving, I started freaking out because I thought I was lost. But I was actually leaving the neighborhood and making my way home as I was freaking out, so I wasn't really lost at all.
  4. lol resemble some of my first stories bout gettin ripped lol
  5. I don't even remember the first time I got high, so consider yourself lucky :)
  6. The first time I got high was a long time after the first time I tried it... I got really high for the first time on July 14, 2003...

    It was me, my boyfriend (Lance), my best friend (Melissa), and her soon-to-be boyfriend (Arbuckle) driving around in Arbuckle's car...

    I think we were listening to Twiztid's Green Book CD...

    I was going to be going to Cedar Point the next day with Melissa, and everyone really wanted me to get stoned off my ass...

    My friends had been baking earlier in the car that day, and I had decided that I wanted to really try it this time, but I was going to hold off until later in the evening because I had to go home and pack to go to Cedar Point... But it would be okay for me to try later because I was going to spend the night at Melissa's house....

    So, that day...
    After I ran home and got my stuff for the next day...

    We headed for "our smoking route"...

    Melissa showed me what to do and demonstrated.
    Then she handed me the bowl.

    I was scurred... and almost pussied out of it... but Melissa kept yelling at me, "Put it in your mouth and just suck!"

    LMAO... That caught the boys' attention. ^___^()

    So, she lit it for me, and well... I tried to take a hit...

    That was the funniest thing ever.

    I didn't hold the hit, and about... oh... None of it got into my lungs.... ^_^()

    But, after a few attempts, I got it right.
    Then I couldn't wait for it to be my hit again. LOL.

    After a bowl or two, I finally started to light it for myself. :p

    Before Melissa and I went to her house, we stopped and got fast food.

    Man... Wendy's never tasted so good. :D
  7. But you seem like a cool person so i agree or laff to whatever you have to say

  8. OOoooo...the day after my birthday :D


    Man, I read through that whole story thinking you were going to regale us with some story about how well you did while under the influence! The whole time I was thinking, "He aced the tests. The weed made him smarter. This kid's cool." And then you don't tell us about the exams! How did you do?!!!

    But like I always say...
  10. My first time was cool. My friends hooked it up wit a couple joints and we headed to this school to toke down. I didn't need much instruction and they asked me if I was sure it was my first time cuz I smoked like a pro. Now I smoke more than all of them wish they could smoke.
  11. Pssssh... BestBud, or should I say Lance...?

    You don't smoke more than any of them.
    Arbuckle smokes more than your dumb ass. :p


  12. i didn't realize gcity recorded every single one of our posts. i thought they would get deleted after awhile.

    so if you're still out there Tweech's Zone, i aced the exams.

  13. Ahhhh! 3 years after the exams and my mind has been eased! Thanx!
  14. haha this thread was made 2 years ago...first time i got high was before school..i was 13...smoked a J and was freaking out because i was scared to be high in school...but i didnt know that i would be getting stoned before school a LOOOT in the next years
  15. the first time I actually got high, smoked and became a "pothead" I remember all of em..

    smoked in the bathroom with some asian guys my first time smoking, I was at one of my friends about the 3rd time I've ever smoked and he had his grav bong setup.. His dealer was growing Sweettooth. I swear to god man if you show a 3rd time smoker some Blue Sweettooth (not even kidding, blue) they think everythings schwag we smoked it and i was just likee floatin man.. well i smoked with him for about 4 months after my first time.. then I dropped out of school and i havent seen him since, I still have lots of friends from school sept we kinda stopped so now i hang out with these other people.. back when i hung out with him i never even bought weed. for like 5 months.. i didnt buy weed because he ALWAYS had dank weed, ALWAYS. THen I moved on to a different set of friends or somethin and like..thats when I became a true lover of marijuana.. like I started smoking everyday.. I've been smoking every day for at least a 4 months now (sometimes missing a day or two) and just totally feeling it.. almost feeling like I had been on top of the hill like.. arite this is it.. everything else is thru man

    im pretty high right now, but all we have is schwag. Someone said that they just passed a big bust on headshops here.. someone tel me its not true because I just got money and I want to get a huge bong and die smoking it
  16. olmec from the legend of the hidden temple shit on nickelodeon is da shit!!!!

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