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first timers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bambithedeer_, Apr 26, 2016.


for first timers, what is the best way to get high?

  1. pipe

  2. bong

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  3. papers

  4. edi

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  1. The best way for a first timer to get high?
  2. I would say take a hit off a pipe or a drag off a joint, we smoked out of a coke can our first time, long long ago.
  3. I voted pipe. Easy to use, you can control aspects of it even if you've never used it before, they're cheap, and not intimidating like a big ass bong. Also you don't have to try and roll one while being a noob
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  4. I'd vote for a vape. They're super easy to use and better for tweaking the dosage imho. Also don't smell as much.

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  5. I literally went through this with my best friend a month ago. Now he is way into it. I unfortunately had him take a bong rip and it was a coughing fit for him. I felt bad, cuz I wanted him to have a great first impression. So I had him vape and it was waaay better. He bought a portable vape and is in love.

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  6. I think overall, a pipe, closely seconded by a bong. If it's a good, glass piece, I feel like the pipe is kind of a best of all worlds situation. You get nice, fat hits, without the being steamrolled like the effect bong hits sometimes have with low-tolerances.

  7. I'm gonna smoke my friend up with a joint. It'll be her first time, so I'm stoked. If she's up for it, I kinda would like her to try my bong too.

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  8. On the John while getting a blumpkin. Just awesome.
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  9. I didn't realize there was any other way to smoke.
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  10. Exactly what I've been telling my wife!!!!

    Here goes! I'm showing her this damn post and hopefully I can get this done.....

    Thanks brother!
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  11. #11 Heywoon, May 2, 2016
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    Here it's almost a tradition, taking your first few hits at a party when you're like 16, trying to desperately roll at home but failing horribly. Nobody smokes anything but joints here though.
  12. Id say for a first timer, either a joint or a pipe, I'd think a pipe would be a bit better though because they won't feel like they have to finish it, you just pack a small hit and that would be good enough

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