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  1. hey, ive been doing some research on growing but i want some more. I'm planning on buying from rhinoseeds since they ship to the US. I'm growing outdoor. Its getting warm here, im in north east US near NYC. I'm looking for something good that will grow in my enviornment. Something good for a beginner to. Let me know if you need to know anything else to help
    thanks guys
    ^one of my ideas what do u think

    and also, since im planting outdoors, is it ok if i do it without a pot? What would be the advantage..from waht i read potting would only limit the size.
  2. The advantage of using pots is that you can control what goes into them and the quality of the soil. If you just randomly planted your seeds in the ground in your yard I dont know if the soil would have all the nutrients the plant will need through the course of its life.

    Here is a guide to outdoor growing, I hope it helps. Good luck!
  3. Ok thanks for the site, any answers on what type i should go for?

    and one more thing, let me just see if im thinking right. Say i get a pack of seeds ands its about 10 seeds. These 10 will all be in the same place making 1 plant... there is a 50% chance this will be a male plant? if it is male, is it useless? If that is the case is it worth the extra$ to get feminized seeds? Im not planning on buying large ammounts of seed so i think it would be wise to get these seeds.

    I still need help with a seed choice, as i want to start soon.
    One i was looking at is the female purple power by female seeds. It's found here
    Not way to expensive, and it seems like it suits my growing enviornment.

    as for planting area, im not sure weather im going to do a in-ground or get a pot. Im planting in the woods so i want it to be kind of stealth. Would it be ok to take soil from a currently growing garden? or should i be more careful and make my own mix?

    thanks again
  4. Alright.. A little update. Most of my questions still stand..but

    i bought female purple power seeds. 10 of them. they are Seem like a good choice to me based on my situation. So how many plants will i get out of the 10 seed pack? Seems like a stupid question but im not totally sure what my output will be with 10 seeds, whats the success rate?
  5. To get 3-4 females, I plant ten seeds. Figure one or two seeds don't germ, now I have 8.

    Out of the 8 I plant, I'm not happy with one more that is a slow grower or I kill one. Now I have 7.

    Out of seven, I figure four 3-4 will be male. That leaves me with 3-4 females.

    This is just a conservative estimate. I may get lucky and have 10 females. But, I doubt it and rather not count on it.
  6. Ok sweet, thanks for the idea..and this is a varying question depending on type but how many grams does each plant produce on average? I dont have any idea.

    Im still thinking about how i want to plant them, and i dont have to worry about the fert yet. I still am leaning toards a in-ground plant.
  7. Wait, didn't you say you got feminized seeds? If so they should be bred to be all female.

    One seed = one plant.
  8. as far as how much each plant will yield, that all depends on several factors. strain, gowth technique, grower's skill, lighting, etc...
  9. Yes thanks. The seed issues and all that are all understood now, thx.

    My plan for now is to bring some nice soil to my site and mix it in with the soil there as much as i can.
  10. A little update... I bought a soil PH tester and NPK fertality meter. 7 (neutral) ph is the best for the soil right? Also, i should keep the fertality low until a few weeks in right?

    I'm planning to do a inground plant... I haven't decided if i want to just use soil i have and tested or buy some potting soil and either mix it or put it where im planting. I also havent decided if i want to put a pot into the ground instead to make watering easier and ect. I might not use a actual pot though, maybe some large buckets...

    what size pot is suitable for a plant?
  11. you want your soil slightly acidic. 5.8-6.5 is a good target to shoot for. Don't fert your plants for aout their first 2.5-3 weeks.
  12. alright thanks alot again man. So if i just get some soil that meets those standards i should be fine. If i can get my hands on some potting soil i may make use of it and mix it in.

    As for pots im not sure if i am going to be using them, and i just need to figure out how im going to get all the watering done. Might be tough. I am considering buying the growing bags though and putting them in the ground...again, how many gallons is ideal for a pot?
  13. for final stages of flowering, I'd recommend 5 gal. Grow bags are fine, but don't bury them, they'll strangle the roots or possibly drown them.

    whatever soil you buy, make sure you don't buy any with fertilizer in it.
  14. well i am growing in the woods, so out of the ground isnt the best idea. Im pretty sure now im going for a inground plant.

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