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  1. Alright guys so Ive decided to start finally growing after countless years of wasting away my money =P
    What i have got so far is,
    - 100 ft white Mylar plastic for covering my 2 closets.
    - One 600 Watt HPS light and One 600 watt Metal Halide for Vegging with 24'' bat wing shield.
    - 125 Watt Florescent light with bat wing shield.
    - Appropriate ballast for HPS and MH lights.

    I will be growing in 2 Separate closets that are both 2' x 4' x 8'

    in one closet i currently have, 9 seedlings that are about 2 weeks old along with a 7 week old clone from a mother plant, currently under the 125 watt floro set at 18 light 6 dark.

    I have a couple questions for you guys on here, they would be..

    - What do you have your plants sit on inside of the closet? i was thinking on making some sort of small table.
    - In the space provided, will there be enough light for up to 4 plants t a time inside each closet??
    thank you all in advance and any tips would be greatly recommended!!
  2. 600watts is more then enough for the closet, you need about 100w per plant.

    Swims plant sits on the floor with a rubber container under the pot to catch the run off after watering. Dont think a table is necessary.

    Good Luck.
  3. You're doing pretty good so far, This is what you still need.
    Those batwing hoods work great but they're super hot! you need some ventilation. 1 or 2 oscillating fans, to move the air around in there. 1 fan for intake of fresh air, it needs to be filtered so that no crap gets in there. I recommend for this, an inline duct fan 6" or 8" place it low to bring in cooler air. Another inline fan for exhaust, this is essential for getting rid of stagnant hot air. Also, depending on where you live humidity can be an issue. I live in the rocky mountains in colorado, it is super dry up here so I run an evaporative humidifier with a fan. Cannabis likes humidity.
    Your question about what your plants should sit on is very subjective. for example, cement draws a lot of heat from the soil, which you can use to your advantage if your soil tends to get too warm. Carpet can hold more heat in but keep in mind that old carpet can be ridden with mites and other unwanteds. building a little table type of thing that sits relatively close to the floor, that is lined with plastic can work great as a drainage table. just make the legs a little shorter on one side and cut a hole or small rectangle where the water will flow to. then create a down spout or gutter type system to empty the water into a bucket or tray.
    If you have carpet in the closet, I would put some plastic over it so that you can clean up spills or soil or whatever.

    Do you have light timers??

    What kind of sytem are you going to raise your lights with?? Pulley, knots,Etc.

    Do you have a PH tester?

    A thermometer/hygrometer for each space?

    Hope this helps!
    Good luck.
    if you have any more ?'s let me know.
  4. PH tester-Big time important ;) I've been very happy with my latest, an Oakton ecotestr2. Awesome, accurate, reliable.

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