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First timer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by zamrambo, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. I've been wanting to smoke for a while now and I finally got to last night.

    I got a hook up now and I can either get a gram of regs for $20 or 0.5g of dro for the same price.

    I have little to no knowledge about all of this but shouldn't I take the regs?
  2. quality over quantity..... BUT since you dont have a high tolerance, or any for taht matter ( tis a good thing! ) i would still scope for better prices, if possible. regs for j's and blunts, and "dro" for bingus
  3. your getting ripped off so bad.
    the person is getting it from someone and charging 10 bucks on your dime and smoking .5 of your 1.0 of dro. just letting you know

  4. go read that thread in rec, this is got to stop...
  5. [quote name='zamrambo']I can either get a gram of regs for $20 or 0.5g of dro for the same price.quote]

    20$ a gram for regs? whoa..
    i say take da one over half
  6. He's paying $40 for a gram of "dro" (which could be God-knows-what quality.) Wouldn't you rather have someone tell you you're being screwed, instead of overpaying because you're an unknowing noob?
  7. I wish i knew more people like you
  8. #8 Blutteufel, Sep 4, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 4, 2008
    Dude, "dro" just means it was grown hydroponically; it could be of even worse quality than the regs. Dank is what you want.
  9. Well I don't know much about the potency, it's the first time I've bought from this guy. I'm not gonna be buying that often, I don't plan on smokin everyday.
  10. dude your getting your shit RIPPED off

    I pay 5$ a gram for kick ass mids. and 10 for some beasters
  11. Dro means dank in some places.
  12. I get regs (mids) for $5/gram. Dro or dank for $20/gram...your getting ripped off unless where you live weed is punishable by death lol, shouldnt be that scarce.
  13. yeah, you understand that the prices arent good AT ALL, but its like a once in a while thing for now... if he's the only way you can get it, could be worse if you knew nobody. Just fyi most places the limit on a gram would be $20-25 retail. A lot of people can get it for less (depending on area and who they know), but if you're paying $20-25/gram and only buying one gram at a time it's not too bad and a lot better than your current situation.

    That being said... if you got some cash to burn I'd buy a gram (eek $40) of the good shit. The lower grade stuff will probably do you good, but the other stuff is really just a better experience in my opinion. If YOU feel the $40 is too much, just get a gram of the other shit. I say a gram cuz .5 would be gone so quick especially if youre planning on rolling anything. :smoking:
  14. wow thats steep.
    But since your tolerence is low go for the regs.
  15. Just buy the regs, and in the future, buy from a different person or at least ask for cheaper prices.

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